Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Election results could lead to a community vision

The election results are in and unofficial for a period of time. The Town Clerk's office will validate all the totals and then make them 'official'. Given the posted 'unofficial' results, there are not likely to be any significant changes due to the margins shown in the races.

Now the real work of the newly elected officials commences. These are volunteer positions (with the exception of the Town Clerk). They will begin (or resume)  working to provide oversight and make policy decisions for all of us on how the Town of Franklin operates.

The challenges ahead of us remain. 
  • How do we come out of the devastation wrought by the pandemic? 
  • How do we address the issues of inequity or gaps raised by the pandemic? 
  • How do we properly fund our schools and all the Town services we need as a community?
Maybe we can frame this in a discussion of what we want to be in 2028? Why 2028? The 250th anniversary of the Town's incorporation on March 4, 1778.

Maybe by working to develop a community vision, we can determine how to get there. There may still be differences of opinion or priority but with agreement on a 'common goal' we might be able to move the discussion from divisive to constructive and respectful.

We are neighbors. Let us celebrate the diversity among us. Let us figure out what we need to be like in 2028 and get the civil discussion going.

For me, Franklin does matter, and I'd much rather prefer to be in a civil discussion on the vision for Franklin than in any divisive discussion.

Your Community information director
Steve Sherlock

The unofficial results are shared here:

Thanks to Jamie Barrett for bringing music to end the day at the polls on Tuesday!

Election results could lead to a community vision
Election results could lead to a community vision