Monday, November 1, 2021

Franklin Public Radio: Election Night - This is big

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director, Franklin●TV & wfpr●fm 10/31/2021

It’s a big year for casting a big vote for a big field of candidates. Yes, big. We’ve been fortunate to bring the many candidates to the fore thanks to our tireless citizen media and information V.I.P.s, Frank Falvey, Steve Sherlock and Jim Derick. What they do for us – and for Franklin is big.

They are the engine of Local Access TV and Public Radio. They bring their wisdom, energies, and enthusiastic dedication to keep us informed. They believe in this grand experiment of America – in the democracy that we all idealize – that we all believe in – that we cherish and want.

To ‘want’ is a start. To get and keep that ‘want’ requires participation. Ben said it,  “Industry Need not Wish.”  A healthy democracy requires the industry of the many, and your vote matters. You can express your appreciation for our volunteer media V.I.P.’s – and for our candidates – many seeking volunteer positions. They put in their time and industry to make Franklin work. You can help. Vote.

Your vote is big – because it’s local. Local government is where your vote matters most. Your vote is a most joyful obligation and privilege. There are few private, sacred moments in life that are more satisfying than that pause, standing before the ballot box, completed ballot in hand, when you declare your wish and submit your considered choice. It’s a good time. It’s free. Don’t miss out.

Please vote. It’s big.

Tune in to 102.9 for the election results after the polls close.

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Franklin Public Radio: Election Night - This is big
Franklin Public Radio: Election Night - This is big


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