Sunday, October 31, 2021

“there is a lot of education that needs to occur”

Bella DeCrescenzo and Norah Anderson write "Handling Hate at the High School" 

"Our eyes locked in disbelief and shock; our fellow World of Difference members shook their heads along with us in disgust as Mr. Hanna gestured to our advisors for their thoughts as he finished his overview about what had occurred. Our advisor, Mrs. Calcagno, then explained that “having conversations about bias is most important”. So let’s talk about it. 

As students of the Franklin High School community walked around the perimeter of their school, the last thing that they had expected to see was the homophobic message scrawled across the back door. Not only was this message unexpected, but something that these teenagers should never have had to see. They were then faced with the choice of whether or not they should report this discriminatory behavior. The students decided to step forward and report their findings to the administration, who we picture responding with long faces and disappointed shakes of their heads. "

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The School Committee meeting recap of Sep 28, 2021 can be found here. This meeting had the update on the graffiti incident.

Definitions via ADL
Definitions via ADL

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