Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Vote today for Board of Assessors, Board of Health, Planning Board, School Committee, Town Clerk and Town Council candidates

The election season ends today with the in-person voting for all Franklin precincts at Franklin High School. Pools open at 6 AM and will close at 8 PM.

It is anticipated that about an hour after the polls close the results should be ready. Franklin Public Radio (wfpr.fm or 102.9) will be prepared to broadcast from the gym when they are ready.

Less than 1,000 voters had cast their ballots as of close of business at the Town Clerk's office on Friday, Oct 29, 2021. This combined the early vote, vote by mail and absentee ballots. Early voting was also available on Monday, Nov 1 during office hours.

How many will turnout?

History shows that for "Franklin elections" we get about a 20% turnout. I would have expected move votes cast by now given the accessibility of early voting and vote by mail. We'll see how many go through the doors at Franklin High School.

The chart below summaries the vote totals by election type from 2003 through 2020. The PDF contains the current registered voter totals by precinct.

vote totals by election type from 2003 through 2020
vote totals by election type from 2003 through 2020

PDF of the voter turnout table shown:

PDF of the registered voters by precinct:

If you still need to decide who to vote for, the information collected can be found here

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