Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Franklin Police Dept.: Deputy Chief James Mill retires


"On 11/02/2021, Deputy Chief James Mill concluded a 27+ year career with the Franklin  Police Department.  DC Mill started his career  in 1994 and worked several years in the patrol division before being promoted to Sergeant in 1999. In 2000 he was made a Detective Sergeant and led the Criminal Investigations Unit for 16 years. As a Detective Sergeant he directed the investigation of hundreds of criminal cases that led to the successful prosecution of many responsible criminals. 

In 2016 he was promoted to Deputy Chief and through his leadership and tenacity the FPD was awarded Certification status from the Massachusetts Accreditation Commission.

Although well known by many as a superb criminal investigator, he will be remembered most by those who worked with him and the victims of the crimes he investigated, as a compassionate, altruistic and caring man.

Affectionately known as Millzy by those who know him best, he was always available for a conversation, to active listen and to provide the best advice one could receive. Millzy was the textbook definition of a cop’s cop. He was always quick to stop you in the hallway, ask if you needed anything, and how your family was doing. 

Deputy Chief Mill, your tireless dedication, leadership and service to the Franklin Police Department and the residents of Franklin is irreplaceable. We all wish you and your family the best and hope your retirement brings nothing but joy."

Shared from Franklin Police Facebook:

Deputy Chief Mill retires (FPD Facebook photo)
Deputy Chief Mill retires (FPD Facebook photo)

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