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Town Council Candidate Jane Callaway-Tripp responds to questions

For the following you can read FM = Steve Sherlock and J C-T as Jane Callaway-Tripp, candidate for Town Council. The answers were provided by Jane via email in response to the offer made to all the candidates for the Franklin Election Nov 2, 2021. 

Publication of the answers or interview responses does not constitute an endorsement of the candidate nor an attestation that the statements are true. This is my public service effort to enable informed voters for the election Nov 2, 2021.

FM - Briefly, what is your “Franklin Story” tell us Briefly about your life here.

J  C-T -  Hello. I was born and raised in Franklin. I graduated from Tri- County High school. Growing up here in Franklin was a great experience and gave me the sense of home. I saw my parents involved in the elks and the Franklin soccer program. My mother was on the Street Lighting Committee and then she sat on Town Council.  These experiences and watching the care my parents had for the town and the residents showed me that community is very important. This is why I am now running for Council. It is time for me to be able to give back to the community, the town, and ALL the residents.

FM - Participating in elections is one of the key Freedoms of American life and voting is one of the primary responsibilities of citizens. While the law does not require citizens to vote, voting is a very important part of any democracy. What can you tell us about your own voting record? And if you have been not been an active voter, please tell us why? And how important is it that we elect people who are active participants in the election process?

J  C-T -  I have been voting since I was 18. Although I have not always been able to vote at every local election due to personal reasons, I do vote every 4 years. I believe that voting is important. It is a way to make sure our voices are heard. Though being an active voter is not a requirement to run for town boards/ committees or council, I do believe that you should be an active voter if and when you are representing the people in the town. It is hard to convince people to get out and vote when the people running are not following the same advice. Though there is no wrong time to become an active voter. 

FM - Have you been Vaccinated for Covid-19? DO you think there should be a mask mandate in Franklin? Finally, what measures should the government take to protect the public from the virus, and how should these efforts be delineated between the Local, State, and Federal governments?

J  C-T -  My vaccination status as everyone else is our personal and private information. It is a violation of our constitutional rights to ask and require an answer.  Our vaccination status has no bearing on how I will or any candidate will effectively work on council. This is a town election. How I feel our government should or should not handle Covid-19 also has no bearing on the town election or how I would perform as a council person.  If at the State and Federal level they choose to mandate or not to mandate, as a council person I would have to follow the protocols put in place. We at the local level do not create laws or mandates; therefore, this question is not a valid question to determine how one would be effective in the seat they are running to obtain.

FM - What are the 3 most important actions you believe are needed to move Franklin Forward?

J  C-T -  First and foremost, as a Council we need to get all residents more involved in what’s going on. We need to encourage them to speak out and we need to listen to them, their concerns, their opinions and their ideas. Anything we do in this town effects the residents. They fund this town and they alone are the ones that will make this town successful. All residents need to know that they matter.

Second, we need to find a way to bring current residents downtown. We need to find a way to give them shops they want to shop at on a regular basis while keeping our town like the home town that drew people here or kept them here in the first place. We have done a few different studies over the years and some were not even followed after the fact. Nothing has been done that has brought success and I feel that is because the council has been more concerned about getting more people into the town then focusing on the 30+ thousand who already call Franklin home. 

Finally, supporting our first responders is also key. With the growing population and the geographical layout of the town, it is important to make sure they have what they need.  We are a safe town and for that I am grateful; however, crime can and will grow if our police officers are stretched too thin. We have had several fires lately and our fire department, EMTs are working wonderfully in responding. If they do not have what they need; however, lives will be lost. 

FM - What experience or background will help you serve in this role? Or what do you bring to the table that helps to set you apart from the others?

J  C-T -  What I bring to the table is that I listen, I hear what people are saying, and I will stand up for what is right no matter what. It is great to be friends as a council, but when you walk through the doors of the council chambers friendship is not what counts. As sworn council members, we will be sworn to do a job and that is the only thing that counts. I believe every resident of this town matter and deserves to be represented. I will bring back accountability. I will bring back the residents’ voice. I will uphold exactly what I would be sworn to do. I love this town and I care about every person in this town.

FM - The Town Council approves the Annual budget which sets the priorities for how Franklin operates. How do you see the financial priorities we should address? How do you explain to the voters and residents why you would vote that way?

J  C-T -  I would have to look at the proposed budget that was put in front of me. Then I would look and see where the needless spending is being done. I feel that we have a lot of things that need to be taken care of that have not been for some time. The town continues to raise taxes and fees yet things are still not getting done. There are roads that need sidewalks, there are areas that need stop lights or stop signs, roads that need repair and we have a school system that needs to be funded. There is no one answer here. 

As for how to explain to the voters and residents, well my hope is that they will be involved and share what they feel and think needs to be done. I understand that sometimes decisions are made and not all residents will be happy with it; however, if as a council we actually take into consideration the residents and how we spend their tax dollars, it can go a long way. Not every resident will be happy 100% of the time, but right now I feel the majority of the residents are unhappy 100% of the time. Let’s not forget it is the residents who fund the town of Franklin, and yes as a town we do get some grants, but grants are federal/state TAX dollars so as taxpayers it is all our money being spent.


Candidate Jane Callaway-Tripp responds to questions
Candidate Jane Callaway-Tripp responds to questions

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