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South Station Air Rights Project: Construction Update - September 17, 2021

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The following is an update on construction activity for the South Station Air Rights Project. As construction progresses into Stage 2, work will transition from the station and concourse areas into established construction work zones adjacent to Atlantic Avenue, including Track 13 on east side of the railyard and the primary Tower Work Zone.

We will continue to send construction advisories to outline the project progress and schedule, as well as any passenger impacts. We also encourage you to visit the project website and check out the updated Project Photos and Documents page to see the new gallery of construction photos. 

During construction, crews will continue to work as efficiently as possible to minimize impacts to the traveling public. We appreciate your patience and engagement during this time. 

Construction Update - September 17, 2021

Suffolk Construction, the contractor for the South Station Air Rights Project, will continue daytime and overnight construction at South Station.
Please allow extra time (5–10 minutes) as you get used to new construction zones and paths of travel at the station. Trains might arrive and depart on a different track than what is typical. Be sure to check your track number before boarding.
Photo taken on September 14, 2021 showing work on the steel structure that will cover the railyard. 

Activity on Tracks and Platforms

  • The contractor is currently erecting a steel structure that will cover the entire railyard, which will support the expanded bus terminal. The next phase of steel erection has begun, and the structure (which is currently over Tracks 1-6) has begun to cover Tracks 7, 8, 9 & 10. The contractor will continue to place concrete on the new steel structure above the tracks as the structure is completed. 
  • In the Tower Work Zone, the contractor is continuing with pre-excavation operations to support installation of the tower deep foundation elements, which will begin in October. This work will be entirely behind the construction barriers, but customers may hear work and experience vibrations from it. 
  • In the next few weeks, a second crane will be set up to assist with the construction of the steel structure and the expansion of the bus terminal. This crane will be located between the station and the Post Office (adjacent to Track 13). Once it is operational, Track 13 will continue to operate normally during the day, but will be closed between 9:00 PM and 5:00 AM. The overhead canopy, located between Tracks 12 and 13 will be removed in October. This work will occur at night. Pedestrian travel routes will be maintained at all times and clearly delineated. There will be access to CharlieCard validators used for the Fairmount Line.
  • The common platform has expanded around the work zone, providing direct access to all tracks. Passengers can use the new bifold doors near Tracks 1 and 2 to access the outdoor concourse and platforms. The other sets of doors are now closed. The contractor has also completed the infill of Tracks 1 and 2, further expanding the platform.

Activity in Atlantic Avenue Area

  • A crane, located in the Atlantic Avenue Work Zone, is currently erecting the steel structure for the new bus terminal expansion and parking garage overbuild.
  • The lane on Atlantic Avenue formerly available for parking will continue to be used for pedestrian access around the work zone while steel erection work continues.
  • Commuters traveling between the South Station concourse and the South Station bus terminal are encouraged to use the Platform A walkway to bypass the expanded Atlantic Avenue Work Zone.

Activity in Summer Street Plaza Area

Work in this area is taking place behind construction barriers. This area serves as the main construction access for the Tower Work Zone. A uniformed police officer is stationed in the area when the gate is in use. Pedestrian travel routes will be maintained at all times and clearly delineated. There will be access to CharlieCard validators used for the Fairmount Line. 

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The schedule for this infrastructure project is weather dependent and subject to change without notice.
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