Monday, September 20, 2021

CommonWealth Magazine: "Listen to what food insecure people say they need"

"NEARLY 20 PERCENT of Massachusetts households struggle to access food — a number that has more than doubled during the pandemic. It’s a serious and growing issue, and there’s no shortage of proposed solutions. But to address this problem, we must first properly diagnose it, and there’s one group of people who know better than anyone how to improve food support systems: people who are themselves food insecure. So we asked them. And the results were clear and consistent.

In a survey of over 500 food insecure people across Massachusetts, two common themes emerged: proximity and choice. Across all demographics, those struggling to provide fresh, healthy food for themselves and their families pointed to these same two areas when asked how they could better be served by our food aid systems. By trusting people, bringing food directly to those who need it, and by giving them the freedom and agency to select food they will actually eat, we can build a more effective model for addressing food insecurity."

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Direct link to MassInc Survey results
Editors Note: This report reinforces the approach the Franklin Food Pantry has taken in addressing our local needs. Yes, there was a change in their plans for the new building but it shows the courage that the Food Pantry had in acknowledging the change in circumstances. Their plans for the 138 West Central building were underway pre-pandemic, and the pandemic affected the delivery model the Food Pantry used, hence the building would not have meet the future needs of the Pantry clients. As a former Board member and regular financial backer of the Food Pantry, I wholeheartedly endorse their approach.

MassInc Survey results
MassInc Survey results

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