Saturday, October 30, 2021

Pantherbook - series on "History of Franklin"

Pantherbook, is working on a series touting the "History of Franklin":

History of Franklin: America’s First Public Library
"Considered “America’s first public library”, the Franklin Public Library is located in Franklin, MA and was named in honor of Dr. Benjamin Franklin. In exchange for the library being named after Franklin, he was asked to donate a bell for the town’s church. Rather than donating a bell, though, Dr. Franklin decided that in return, he would actually donate books for the citizens of Franklin to use. Later on, there were many disputes over who should be allowed to use those gifts. In 1790, the people of Franklin voted to let the books be free for anyone to borrow. This was the vote that had established the Franklin collection of books as the first public library in the US. "
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History of Franklin: The Red Brick School
"In the nineteenth century, school was quite different than it is now. Children, flushed red in the cheeks from their wearisome trudge through the fickle New England weather, gathered in a one-room schoolhouse clutching a bundle of wood, a thin slate, and perhaps an apple to slice with their friends over lunch. They relied on the glowing flames of the fireplace, and later the wood-stove, as their heat source. "
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History of Franklin: The Ladybug Story
"To those who have never heard of “The Ladybug Story,” the several ladybug decorations around Franklin may seem like mere ornaments, or perhaps contributors to an obscure joke that only townies understand.  
However, the red-and-black bugs hold much more significance than what meets the eye. Whether they be represented in kindness rock gardens or in sculptures downtown, ladybugs make clear to passersby that they are a significant aspect of Franklin’s cultural fabric. "

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One of the Ladybugs around Franklin is at the Library
One of the Ladybugs around Franklin is at the Library

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