Thursday, October 28, 2021

1st interactive session of 50+Program: Tuesday, Nov 9 , 2021

* The program kicks off next Tuesday Nov-2nd @ 10 AM with our first Give to Get (G2G) networking event!  Hope you will join us as we present the coaches; give you an overview of the forthcoming sessions, and you get a chance to network , too.

* The first interactive session is Tuesday Nov-9th @ 10am. We start off by discussing Ageism. It's out there. You will encounter it; so, you need to know about it.


Session 1: Ageism!

Tuesday November 9th: 10 am – 12 pm

An estimated 20% of US workers are age 55 or older, yet many employers question the abilities of the demographic and recent Supreme Court decisions have made it harder to prove age discrimination. Join us as we explore the issue of ageism: The history; the facts; the perceptions; the mistakes you make, according to employers.


Why you need to know about this: As you set forth on your job-search, you must know the environment, the perceptions, and the traps. What you don't know could hurt you.


Start your journey towards self-realization, re-invention and transformation


1.      Ageism

2.      Self-assessment

3.      Networking Introductions

4.      STAR/PAR Stories

5.      Resumes Part 1: Summary & Formatting

6.      Resumes Part 2 Experience Section

7.      LinkedIn Part 1: Your Profile

8.      LinkedIn Part 2: The Job Search

9.      Branding & Marketing

10.   Interview Preparation

11.   Interview Practice

12.   Job Applications

13.   Cover Letters

14.   Closing & Negotiating the Deal

15.   Teamwork & Getting Along with Difficult People

16.   Job Success


New to the program? Registration is Required:

For more information contact 

Denise Magnett via email


1st interactive session of 50+Program: Tuesday, Nov 9 , 2021
1st interactive session of 50+Program: Tuesday, Nov 9 , 2021

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