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Saturday, December 11, 2021

Tri-County Welcomes Guest Panel to Speak to Freshman

Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School welcomed a panel of eight speakers, four of which are alum, who are in non-traditional careers on December 1, 2021. A non-traditional career is defined is by the US Department of Labor as an occupation in which individuals from one gender comprise less than 25% of the individuals employed in such occupation. The panel included an early educator, firefighter/paramedic, plumber, police officer, cosmetologist, engineer, salon owner, and dental assistant. 

Guest Panel provides advice to Freshman
Guest Panel provides advice to Freshman

Each panelist had the opportunity to speak about what and who inspired them to pursue their careers, what a typical day at work looks like, the positive and negative aspects of having a non-traditional career, and offered advice to students who are interested in pursuing a career in a non-traditional role. Salon owner, Ken Tracy, was encouraged by his high school guidance counselor to attend Malden School for Girls in the 1960s and during the visit his passion was ignited. He noted that in his early days as a hair stylist his friends would ask him why. After he became a salon owner and found success in the profession he loved, his friends apologized for the negative comments they had made. 

Many of the panelists noted the positives of being in a non-traditional career. For the early childhood educator he has found that male students flock to him as one of the only male teachers and seem to find it easier to make a connection with him. The mechanical engineer noted that she was frequently the only female on a team and was called upon to work on machines because her smaller hands were able to fit into spaces her male counterparts could not. The female police sergeant noted that her communication skills and compassion has allowed her to defuse tension during calls.

Tri-County Welcomes Guest Panel
Tri-County Welcomes Guest Panel

After the discussion students were able to ask questions of the panel and the freshman had thoughtful queries to help them understand if they would like to pursue a non-traditional career.

Thursday, October 28, 2021

1st interactive session of 50+Program: Tuesday, Nov 9 , 2021

* The program kicks off next Tuesday Nov-2nd @ 10 AM with our first Give to Get (G2G) networking event!  Hope you will join us as we present the coaches; give you an overview of the forthcoming sessions, and you get a chance to network , too.

* The first interactive session is Tuesday Nov-9th @ 10am. We start off by discussing Ageism. It's out there. You will encounter it; so, you need to know about it.


Session 1: Ageism!

Tuesday November 9th: 10 am – 12 pm

An estimated 20% of US workers are age 55 or older, yet many employers question the abilities of the demographic and recent Supreme Court decisions have made it harder to prove age discrimination. Join us as we explore the issue of ageism: The history; the facts; the perceptions; the mistakes you make, according to employers.


Why you need to know about this: As you set forth on your job-search, you must know the environment, the perceptions, and the traps. What you don't know could hurt you.


Start your journey towards self-realization, re-invention and transformation


1.      Ageism

2.      Self-assessment

3.      Networking Introductions

4.      STAR/PAR Stories

5.      Resumes Part 1: Summary & Formatting

6.      Resumes Part 2 Experience Section

7.      LinkedIn Part 1: Your Profile

8.      LinkedIn Part 2: The Job Search

9.      Branding & Marketing

10.   Interview Preparation

11.   Interview Practice

12.   Job Applications

13.   Cover Letters

14.   Closing & Negotiating the Deal

15.   Teamwork & Getting Along with Difficult People

16.   Job Success


New to the program? Registration is Required:

For more information contact 

Denise Magnett via email


1st interactive session of 50+Program: Tuesday, Nov 9 , 2021
1st interactive session of 50+Program: Tuesday, Nov 9 , 2021

Thursday, August 19, 2021

50+ Job Seekers' August/September Events

50+ Job Seekers' August/September Events
50+ Job Seekers - Events for Aug/Sept
Interactive Workshops/Networking Events
  • Join Ed and Melody on Tuesday August 24 at 10am for Job Search Jeopardy and our final G2G Networking Session of the Summer

For More information or to register as a new attendee, visit our website.
Summer Monthly Special Event Series
Sponsored by AARP Massachusetts and Presented in conjunction with Encore Boston, join us on Aug 26 for Reinvention Boot Camp-Talk to the Pros: An interactive panel event featuring break-out rooms with 4 Business Coaches and on Sept 23: Age-Friendly/Diversity Inclusive Employer Forum: A panel event featuring 4 employers and moderated by Jorge Quiroga

Latino-Hispanic Workshop Series
Sponsored by AARP Massachusetts
Presented in Collaboration with MassHires New Bedford, Northshore, and Springfield
Join us every other Wednesday from 1:00-3:00pm
  • Aug 25: Get Ready for Your Interview: Practice!
  • Sept 8: Create a Job Search Plan: Plan your Work-Work your Plan
  • Sept 22: Your Job Search Tool Box: What's Missing?

Massachusetts Library Collaborative
Sponsored by the following Libraries: Andover, Billerica, Chelmsford, Danvers, North Andover, Shrewsbury, Tewksbury, Wilmington

Sept 8  Creating a LinkedIn Profile – the Basics

Remote Employment Skills Training Program
For Unemployed MA residents 55 years and over. Presented by Operation ABLE of Greater Boston in partnership with the Executive Office of Elder Affairs and funded by the US Department of Labor.

  • Free 20-week intensive skills training program
  • 14 weeks-classroom [Zoom] and 6 weeks-Internship
  • 3 options: medical administration; customer service; accounting
  • Certification and job placement upon completion
  • First training cycle begins on September 13

Contact Mark Gyurina at Operation ABLE:

Massachusetts Association of Councils on Aging | 116 Pleasant Street, Suite 306, Easthampton, MA 01027
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Monday, February 1, 2021

CommonWealth Magazine: "Consider the potential of water utility jobs"


“WHEN I GROW UP, I want to be a wastewater operator.” That is probably not a commonly heard sentiment, but we think it should be, especially for our young people who have been historically marginalized.

When it comes to “green jobs,” typically it’s the clean energy industry – solar or offshore wind – that comes to mind. Yet there are thousands of good-paying jobs related to the delivery of clean water, disposal of wastewater, and management of stormwater. And right now there is a near-crisis as more people — generally older white men — are retiring from these water, wastewater, and stormwater jobs than are entering them. Retirement eligibility in the water utility world is estimated to be as high as 30 to 50 percent."

Continue reading the article online

Visit the Town of Franklin Stormwater Division page for info on the program here
One of the key topics for discussion at the Town Council meeting Wednesday is the stormwater utility fee proposal. 

Department of Public Works: Stormwater Document for Feb 3 discussion

Link to presentation copy from one of the Stormwater Information Session in 2020

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Tri-County RVTHS Offers Freshman Interactive Career Exploration Gaming Experience

This year, first-year students have an exciting opportunity to participate in an interactive career-based game designed by our Library Media Specialist, Ariel Dagan, in collaboration with guidance. This “game” empowers the Freshmen to navigate a career quest that draws upon their personal experiences and preferences to illustrate how they relate to their future career goals.

Through the interactive online game quests and challenges, the student will assemble a story about themselves to help determine a career path that reflects their personality and interests. They will earn a better understanding of their strengths and character and who they would like to become in the future.

“The year 2020, of all years, was perfect timing to roll out this game! It allowed students to combine their career interests and skills into a fun activity that students completed at
home. Student reflections revealed their unique personalities by the way they responded to the questions. In addition, I found that the remote camera setting was a tool utilized that helped boost confidence by giving them space to be themselves,” says Karen Kennedy, 9th Grade Guidance Counselor.

The interactive game ran for six weeks, and students accessed the program online at home. The game incorporates several tools, including Naviance, Careers In, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Naviance is a college planning and career assessment tool that helps identify students’ strengths, needs, and interests, giving them a better understanding of which career may suit their desires. Careers In (Salem Press) is a series that provides real-world information such as a day in the life, networking, earnings and advancement, work environment, and areas with high levels of employment. Through gameplay, the students will complete tasks using these online services to delve deeper into their interests and discover possible career paths.

The game includes over 40 engagement opportunities where students will compete in a boss battle, solve puzzles, and answer open-ended questions through a video or written journal. Since launch, over 80% of students have played the game and spent an average of xx hours engaging with the game. Students noted how the game helped solidify the path they were on or helped them discover different opportunities that excite them. This online game allows students to think introspectively and answer questions honestly as the answers are not publicized.

“The Tri-County Guidance Department strives to motivate every student to develop a well thought-out post-secondary goal, and progress in reaching those goals, prior to graduation. Our guidance team has a long history of success of implementing a goal-oriented career plan starting at day-1. This ‘Career-Focused Game’ developed by Mr. Dagan in collaboration with Ms. Kennedy and Mr. Casey gave the grade 9 students a fantastic start. It truly is the icing on the cake!” Scott O’Brien, Head of Guidance.

This career exploratory game concluded on January 4th, 2021 to allow students to decide their top three programs offered at Tri-County.


Freshman Interactive Career Exploration Gaming Experience
Freshman Interactive Career Exploration Gaming Experience

Monday, October 26, 2020

World Economic Forum: "The Future of Jobs Report 2020"

Given the economy currently in turmoil due to the pandemic and the Franklin School Dept soon to release their "Portrait of a Graduate", this report is timely and insightful.

"The Future of Jobs Report provides the timely insights needed to orient labour markets and workers towards opportunity today and in the future of work. Now in its third edition, the report maps the jobs and skills of the future, tracking the pace of change and direction of travel. This year we find that while technology-driven job creation is still expected to outpace job destruction over the next five years, the economic contraction is reducing the rate of growth in the jobs of tomorrow. There is a renewed urgency to take proactive measures to ease the transition of workers into more sustainable job opportunities. There is room for measured optimism in the data, but supporting workers will require global, regional and national public-private collaboration at an unprecedented scale and speed."

Download your copy of the PDF report 

or read my shared copy here:


World Economic Forum: The Future of Jobs Report 2020"
World Economic Forum: The Future of Jobs Report 2020"


Saturday, October 10, 2020

You don't need a classroom to gain new skills.

This is a great time to learn something new
& get ready for your future!
In partnership with Ed2Go, we offer online courses on a wide variety of topics. So take some time to gain business or personal skills from home.
New sessions begin October 14th OR many courses also have a self-paced option that you can start anytime.
We have a few suggestions below, or you can review the full array of career training and/or professional development courses using the links at the bottom of this email.
This course will prepare you for a lifetime of worthwhile personal financial planning. The tools you will learn are useful, realistic, and easy to work into your regular routine. They will help you gain control over the financial impact of the choices you make.
Using Photoshop Elements, this course will teach you how to make the most of your scrapbooking talents and artistic ideas when you combine traditional and digital scrapbooking.
In this comprehensive course, you'll discover how to establish a healthy approach to weight loss and weight maintenance. You'll master how to set and achieve weight-loss and weight-maintenance goals that make sense for you.
Want to Learn Something Else?

Lifelong Learning Institute - Franklin Public Schools | 218 Oak Street, Room 137, Franklin, MA 02038

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