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Thursday, May 11, 2023

Event Reminder: Pen to Picture is Saturday, May 13 at 12 noon

Join us as we welcome three popular graphic novelists to Franklin! 
Meet/Hear from Scott Magoon, Matt Tavares and Maris Wicks and participate in interactive, creative breakout sessions, photo ops and book signings!

Shared from the Library page -> 

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Middle school graphic artist panel scheduled for May 13

"We are SO EXCITED to be partnering with the Franklin Public Middle Schools for our first ever Graphic Novelist Panel on Saturday, May 13 at 12:00 PM !!!!!

Join us as we welcome Scott Magoon, Matt Tavares, and Maris Wicks for a fun panel discussion, drawing, book signings and more!!

Check out their books today!"

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Stewards of America’s First Public Lending Library Bring Era to an End

Historic Franklin Library Association Releases History Book, Organizes Seminar on the Role of the Library in American Democracy.

In 1858, a group of public-spirited citizens banded together as the Franklin Library Association (FLA) to ensure the care of the books originally received by the town as a gift from America’s founding father, Benjamin Franklin. 

In a historic 1788 vote, the town selectmen had voted to make the books available for borrowing by any resident – creating the first public lending library in the nation.  An early beneficiary of this policy was a poor boy named Horace Mann, who would eventually become known as the “Father of American Public Education,” and as a Congressman and college president.

But by the 1850s, the book collection was suffering from neglect with no permanent home.

That’s when the Franklin Library Association stepped up, raising funds, hiring a librarian, and providing a place for the public to access the books. Indeed, for more than a century, the Association was a primary funding source for the library, intimately involved in managing it in the interest of the town.

With the Franklin Public Library now well supported by state and local funds and housed in a handsome, twice-expanded facility, the Association has decided to cease operations, having gradually disbursed most of its funds for library preservation and restoration projects in recent years.

One of its last projects has been the creation of a history of the organization and of the Franklin library from its inception.  The published, 160-page book is being introduced to the public at a special reception at the Franklin Public Library on Benjamin Franklin’s birthday, Jan. 17, 2023, at 6 PM. Following shortly afterward at 6:30 PM the Association, in cooperation with the Library, is holding a panel discussion, “Ben’s Donation at 245 - an Exploration of the Role of Libraries in America’s Democracy, Then, Now, and in the Future.” 

The Panel will be moderated by FLA president Scott Nolan. Confirmed panelists include:
  • James C. Johnston, Author, Historian, and Former Franklin Selectman
  • Patricia Saint Aubin, a PhD candidate with expertise in the history of the Ben Franklin-inspired Providence Library Company
  • R. A. Lawson (Ph.D., Vanderbilt, 2003) is professor of history and Director of the Honors Program at Dean College
The panel is open to the public and will be broadcast by Franklin TV.  For more information on the book, the panel, or the Franklin Library Association, please contact Scott Nolan at
About the FLA: The Franklin Library Association is a 501 (c)3 organization, Scott F. Nolan is the President, Armand Fernandez Treasurer, Ed Padden, Secretary. Other board members include Nancy J. Rappa, Maryjane Whiton, Beth A. Mucciarone, Joan McGuire, Greg Dellorco, and Shirley Borruso
Stewards of America’s First Public Lending Library Bring Era to an End
Stewards of America’s First Public Lending Library Bring Era to an End

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Critical Conversations - Mental Health & Substance Use 11/18/21 (video)

Catching up to sharing the video and presentation document from the Critical Conversations event held on Nov 18, 2021.

The Franklin Public Schools Substance Abuse Task Force teamed up with the SAFE Coalition to host the Critical Conversations Panel. This event was held online and in person at Franklin High School on November 18th, 2021. The panel featured 7 speakers with various perspectives representing education, health care, law enforcement, parent/guardians, and people with lived experience. The conversation focused on identifying and addressing mental health and substance use among families and within our community.”


As with most meetings/events in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter while I attended the meeting in the FHS auditorium. 

The Twitter hashtag #CC1118 can be found online The thread begins with 

Photos from the event can be found in one album:  
  • Critical conversations info on speakers, agenda, and remote link info #cc1118
  • The THC available today is FAR more potent than that used in the 90's - like 60 times more potent! #cc1118 this is being used in vap cartridges
  • Dr Bergen introduces the panel for this discussion #cc1118
  • Dan, recovering alcoholic, wanted communication in his earlier days to have helped his turn to substance use as the aid; punishment, and increasing punishments, didn't help #cc1118
  • Jim, parent of a son with trouble, urges other parents to get involved, don't think it will just 'get better' #cc1118 ask for help, you are not alone.
  • Sgt Colecchi provides some staggering stats on current calls for mental health and substance abuse, a good number of them are youth under 18 #cc1118
  • Principal Hanna seeing behavior unlike anything seen during 25+ years teaching in a high school. The combination of the pandemic and substance use are driving the change in behavior #cc1118
  • Per Hanna, they are organizing to respond to this issue. it had not part of their charter. #cc1118
  • SAFE seeing students buying vaps via dealers more so now than before. Increase also seen in parental supply of alcohol and vaps. #cc1118
  • Rep Roy touts mental health legislation that the MA Senate just passed and sent to the House for their review/action. #cc1118
  • Resources from the FPS page for parents -> #cc1118 simply sitting next to your youth rather than facing them to have the conversation is a help #cc1118
  • Do some homework on what the vapes look like, they do come via mail, it can be a quick trip to someone at the car in the driveway to get a supply  #cc1118
  • If near someone overdosing, call 911, do not drive to the hospital. The drugs are so fast acting, you'll be too late. 911 is the best way, paramedics should have narcan handy #cc1118
  • Shifting to the audience Q&A segment of the evening #cc1118
  • Late to this but shifted to the break out portion of the evening; checked out the "hidden in plain sight" display and product table. Fascinating info! #cc1118 that's all for tonight, catch you next time!
The event video is now available via YouTube 


part of the "Hidden in Plain Sight" display
part of the "Hidden in Plain Sight" display

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Tri-County Welcomes Guest Panel to Speak to Freshman

Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School welcomed a panel of eight speakers, four of which are alum, who are in non-traditional careers on December 1, 2021. A non-traditional career is defined is by the US Department of Labor as an occupation in which individuals from one gender comprise less than 25% of the individuals employed in such occupation. The panel included an early educator, firefighter/paramedic, plumber, police officer, cosmetologist, engineer, salon owner, and dental assistant. 

Guest Panel provides advice to Freshman
Guest Panel provides advice to Freshman

Each panelist had the opportunity to speak about what and who inspired them to pursue their careers, what a typical day at work looks like, the positive and negative aspects of having a non-traditional career, and offered advice to students who are interested in pursuing a career in a non-traditional role. Salon owner, Ken Tracy, was encouraged by his high school guidance counselor to attend Malden School for Girls in the 1960s and during the visit his passion was ignited. He noted that in his early days as a hair stylist his friends would ask him why. After he became a salon owner and found success in the profession he loved, his friends apologized for the negative comments they had made. 

Many of the panelists noted the positives of being in a non-traditional career. For the early childhood educator he has found that male students flock to him as one of the only male teachers and seem to find it easier to make a connection with him. The mechanical engineer noted that she was frequently the only female on a team and was called upon to work on machines because her smaller hands were able to fit into spaces her male counterparts could not. The female police sergeant noted that her communication skills and compassion has allowed her to defuse tension during calls.

Tri-County Welcomes Guest Panel
Tri-County Welcomes Guest Panel

After the discussion students were able to ask questions of the panel and the freshman had thoughtful queries to help them understand if they would like to pursue a non-traditional career.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Franklin Public Schools, MA announces Critical Conversations - Nov 18

Franklin Public Schools, MA (@FranklinPSNews) tweeted Wed, Nov 10, 2021:
"Some conversations are better to have sooner rather than later.
Start and continue the talk on Mental Health and Substance Use during our Critical Conversations panel on 11/18 at 6 PM. 
Learn more here:"


Critical Conversations: Identifying and addressing mental health and substance use among families and within our community. Is a collaboration between the SAFE Coalition and Franklin Public Schools. This event will be held in the FHS auditorium and live via Zoom.

Mental Health and Substance Use are two critical issues that have a wide range of impacts among our families and within our community. We invite the Franklin community to join us for an evening of learning, listening, and engaging with local panelists of diverse perspectives representing education, health care, law enforcement, parent/guardians, and people with lived experience.  
The evening will include: 
  • Opening remarks from Jen Knight, Executive Director of the SAFE Coalition
  • Panelist Discussion 
  • Audience General Questions
  • Breakout Sessions with each Panelist as well as a Hidden in Plain Sight display facilitated by our SATF Student Representatives

  • Detective Mike Colecchi, SAFE Coalition Board Member, Franklin Police Dept.
  • Dr. Wendy Cohen, SAFE Medical Director and family practitioner
  • Dan Lagarce, Person in Recovery
  • Jeff Roy, State Representative
  • Jim Derick, SAFE Board of Director President, co-founder and Parent
  • Jen Knight-Levine, SAFE Executive Director, co-founder
  • Josh Hanna, Franklin High School Principal
Shared from Twitter:
Download a copy of the flyer as a reminder:
Franklin Public Schools, MA announces Critical Conversations - Nov 18
Franklin Public Schools, MA announces Critical Conversations - Nov 18

Saturday, September 25, 2021

FPL: Climate Prep Week Central Event 9/27/21 6 - 7:30 PM

"CREW will be hosting a virtual panel discussion dialogue with several organizations regarding how extreme weather impacts humans' physical and mental health, New England's dependence on fossil fuels, its connection to climate change, what a clean energy future could look like, and political action that several groups are taking on behalf of their communities to mitigate climate change. 

The organizations involved are Climate Code Blue, Conservation Law Foundation, Green Roots Chelsea, Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation and Mattapan Food and Fitness. "

FPL: Climate Prep Week Central Event 9/27/21 6 - 7:30 PM
FPL: Climate Prep Week Central Event 9/27/21 6 - 7:30 PM

Sunday, June 6, 2021

50+ Program Special Event - Thursday June 10, 2021 - 10 AM

ReInvention in Possible after 50!

Join us at this Special Panel Event

Thursday, June 10th: 10-1130am

Do you ever Dream about a Future that is different from your Present?

Do you ever think about doing what you've always wanted to do?

Let's face it - the idea of reinventing yourself after the age of 50 is a frightening prospect. No doubt- it means taking a risk, after a lifetime of experience.

But- staying in a job you don't like is a risk. Retiring and doing nothing is a risk. There are always risks to take, but reinventing yourself and taking on new challenges – achieving a lifetime dream or desire – is a "good" risk to take.

Join our Panelists who have all at some point in their life made the choice to take the chance to make the change and to reinvent themselves. They will be sharing some of the strategic, tactical and practical steps you can take to reinvent yourself.

·        Elaine Crosby, CEO/CO-Founder-Puddingstone Place

·        Lisa Dooley, Owner-Your Organized Life; Author      

·       Mike Savage, Business Coach; Savage Secrets; SCORE

·       Danielle Duplin, Co-Founder-AGENCY@cic and Founders over 55


Registration is Required to attend this Special Event

If you are interested in joining our 50+ Job Seekers Group, please visit our website:

For additional information, contact:


50+ Program Special Event - Thursday June 10, 2021 - 10 AM
50+ Program Special Event - Thursday June 10, 2021 - 10 AM

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Panel event for job-seekers on Thursday May 27 - Financial Wellness

Folks, after the last year, many of you are hurting financially. You may be wondering how you recover. 

Even if you are not hurting financially, you may still have questions.
Do you even know your own financial wellness?  What is financial wellness?

Our director Susan D. Kelly has assembled a top-notch panel to assist you.

Please forward/share the flyer with anyone you feel could benefit.

Creating Financial Wellness during Stressful Times

Join us at this Special Panel Event
Thursday, May 27, 10-11:30am

Financial wellness isn't about wealth. And, it's not about the number
in your bank account. So, what is Financial Wellness?
How would you rate your Financial Literacy?
How would you describe your Financial Behavior?
What are your Internal Emotions toward money?

Join our Panelists to explore ways to achieve Financial Wellness during these challenging times of your job search journey during a pandemic:
  •  Caitlin Peloquin, Ameriprise-Financial Advisor
  •  Paula Harris, WH Cornerstone Investments, Co-Owner and Co-Author
  •  Megan Scipione, Inkberry Financial-Financial Wellness Coach,
  •  Susan Carp, MCOA, Director-Member Services
Download copy of flyer here

Panel event for job-seekers on Thursday May 27 - Financial Wellness
Panel event for job-seekers on Thursday May 27 - Financial Wellness