Sunday, December 12, 2021

Critical Conversations - Mental Health & Substance Use 11/18/21 (video)

Catching up to sharing the video and presentation document from the Critical Conversations event held on Nov 18, 2021.

The Franklin Public Schools Substance Abuse Task Force teamed up with the SAFE Coalition to host the Critical Conversations Panel. This event was held online and in person at Franklin High School on November 18th, 2021. The panel featured 7 speakers with various perspectives representing education, health care, law enforcement, parent/guardians, and people with lived experience. The conversation focused on identifying and addressing mental health and substance use among families and within our community.”


As with most meetings/events in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter while I attended the meeting in the FHS auditorium. 

The Twitter hashtag #CC1118 can be found online The thread begins with 

Photos from the event can be found in one album:  
  • Critical conversations info on speakers, agenda, and remote link info #cc1118
  • The THC available today is FAR more potent than that used in the 90's - like 60 times more potent! #cc1118 this is being used in vap cartridges
  • Dr Bergen introduces the panel for this discussion #cc1118
  • Dan, recovering alcoholic, wanted communication in his earlier days to have helped his turn to substance use as the aid; punishment, and increasing punishments, didn't help #cc1118
  • Jim, parent of a son with trouble, urges other parents to get involved, don't think it will just 'get better' #cc1118 ask for help, you are not alone.
  • Sgt Colecchi provides some staggering stats on current calls for mental health and substance abuse, a good number of them are youth under 18 #cc1118
  • Principal Hanna seeing behavior unlike anything seen during 25+ years teaching in a high school. The combination of the pandemic and substance use are driving the change in behavior #cc1118
  • Per Hanna, they are organizing to respond to this issue. it had not part of their charter. #cc1118
  • SAFE seeing students buying vaps via dealers more so now than before. Increase also seen in parental supply of alcohol and vaps. #cc1118
  • Rep Roy touts mental health legislation that the MA Senate just passed and sent to the House for their review/action. #cc1118
  • Resources from the FPS page for parents -> #cc1118 simply sitting next to your youth rather than facing them to have the conversation is a help #cc1118
  • Do some homework on what the vapes look like, they do come via mail, it can be a quick trip to someone at the car in the driveway to get a supply  #cc1118
  • If near someone overdosing, call 911, do not drive to the hospital. The drugs are so fast acting, you'll be too late. 911 is the best way, paramedics should have narcan handy #cc1118
  • Shifting to the audience Q&A segment of the evening #cc1118
  • Late to this but shifted to the break out portion of the evening; checked out the "hidden in plain sight" display and product table. Fascinating info! #cc1118 that's all for tonight, catch you next time!
The event video is now available via YouTube 


part of the "Hidden in Plain Sight" display
part of the "Hidden in Plain Sight" display

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