Monday, December 13, 2021

"School funding is both enormously important and extremely complicated"

It is timely that the Franklin School Committee has a workshop scheduled to help the new members understand the Franklin school budget. While much has been written around the impact of the Student Opportunity Act (SOA) and how it will help MA better fund schools, this Shanker Report looks at state to state funding comparisons and finds MA lacking.

This helps position the Franklin budget in the overall bigger picture of school funding across the nation. 

"This year's Shanker Institute report on the adequacy and fairness of school funding, which uses 2019 data, gives a stark picture of where we have been in Massachusetts. 

2019, of course, is when, in November, we FINALLY got a revision to the state formula, one-sixth (mostly) of which was FINALLY implemented this current fiscal year.

The work of Bruce D. Baker of Rutgers University), Matthew Di Carlo and Kayla Reist of the Shanker Institute, and Mark Weber, also at Rutgers University, the report looks at effort, progressivity, and adequacy; that is: how much are states actually trying in using the fiscal resources they have for schools, and do they make sure poor kids are getting more resources, and are districts getting enough money to get to outcomes needed.

And we don't look so hot, Massachusetts. "
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our effort level ranks #43 in the nation (out of 49)
our effort level ranks #43 in the nation (out of 49)

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