Wednesday, December 15, 2021

STAR/PAR session Tuesday Dec-28th @ 10am

50+ Job Seekers in MA Statewide Networking Groups

This free program is available through a grant from the Massachusetts Councils on Aging (MCOA) and the Executive Office of Elder Affairs

Session 4: STAR-PAR Stories

Tuesday December 28th: 10 am – 12 pm

Interviewers often ask candidates to display their potential value to a company by asking behavioral or competency-based questions. And most people reply with off-the-cuff answers or relate a story that is too long, too detailed, and unstructured.
The STAR [Situation-Task-Action-Result] and PAR [Problem-Action-Result] methods provide a proven framework for answering questions with concise, relevant, and interesting stories.
Why you need to know about this: Every interviewer will ask you how you applied your skills or worked effectively with team and colleagues. Your chances of impressing an interviewer—and landing the role-- rise dramatically when you employ the STAR-PAR methodologies.
Start your journey towards self-realization, reinvention and transformation!

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STAR/PAR session Tuesday Dec-28th @ 10am
STAR/PAR session Tuesday Dec-28th @ 10am

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