Sunday, December 12, 2021

Santa's Magical Mailbox - highlights the goodness of our Franklin community

"Santa's Magical mailbox 
I would like to give credit where credit is due. Ann Marie Donovan was trying to raise money for the Food pantry asking kids to drop a letter to Santa and a small donation for the food pantry at her personal mailbox last year. I contacted her and asked if she would like to have a mailbox at my light show because I get a decent amount of traffic and figured we could raise more money that way. She thought is was a good idea and so that's how it all began. 
Ann is in charge of writing letters along with some really great elves. Thankfully we also have some generous people donating stamps because less than 20% of the letters we get come with a donation and each letter returned to the kids cost us around $1. We understand that not everyone can afford a donation and all kids will get a return letter no matter what. 
The mailbox is taken in and out every night to keep it in as good shape as possible. It should be out by 5:30 every day. We have received letters from many towns in MA including some that are not very close. The elves are working hard and hopefully the first batch of letters will go out soon. 
I named it Santa's Magical Mailbox because I feel like it was magical how members of the community help donate their time, material and skills to make it come to fruition. Scott Firestine made the mailbox and donated it which was absolutely amazing. After just a day or two the paint got ruined so Power Painting Plus ( Rick and John Power) came and picked up the mailbox, repainted it at no cost, then took it to "Signs by Cam" where they redid all of the lettering, which was also at no cost. 
This mailbox belongs to Franklin. I just store it and try my best to keep it in good shape. I hope to pass it on to someone else in Franklin one day. 
Thank you everyone for your support. We hope its a great year for the Franklin Food Pantry and that your kids enjoy their letters from Santa. "
Laura McCarthy

To send a donation, please find the info on the Facebook post

Santa's Magical Mailbox - highlights the goodness of our Franklin community
Santa's Magical Mailbox - highlights the goodness of our Franklin community


  1. Where is this mailbox located? I would love to bring my kids.

    1. At the end of Hayden Lane. Go at night and see the lights too (assuming the weather cooperates!)