Sunday, January 24, 2021

Tri-County RVTHS Offers Freshman Interactive Career Exploration Gaming Experience

This year, first-year students have an exciting opportunity to participate in an interactive career-based game designed by our Library Media Specialist, Ariel Dagan, in collaboration with guidance. This “game” empowers the Freshmen to navigate a career quest that draws upon their personal experiences and preferences to illustrate how they relate to their future career goals.

Through the interactive online game quests and challenges, the student will assemble a story about themselves to help determine a career path that reflects their personality and interests. They will earn a better understanding of their strengths and character and who they would like to become in the future.

“The year 2020, of all years, was perfect timing to roll out this game! It allowed students to combine their career interests and skills into a fun activity that students completed at
home. Student reflections revealed their unique personalities by the way they responded to the questions. In addition, I found that the remote camera setting was a tool utilized that helped boost confidence by giving them space to be themselves,” says Karen Kennedy, 9th Grade Guidance Counselor.

The interactive game ran for six weeks, and students accessed the program online at home. The game incorporates several tools, including Naviance, Careers In, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Naviance is a college planning and career assessment tool that helps identify students’ strengths, needs, and interests, giving them a better understanding of which career may suit their desires. Careers In (Salem Press) is a series that provides real-world information such as a day in the life, networking, earnings and advancement, work environment, and areas with high levels of employment. Through gameplay, the students will complete tasks using these online services to delve deeper into their interests and discover possible career paths.

The game includes over 40 engagement opportunities where students will compete in a boss battle, solve puzzles, and answer open-ended questions through a video or written journal. Since launch, over 80% of students have played the game and spent an average of xx hours engaging with the game. Students noted how the game helped solidify the path they were on or helped them discover different opportunities that excite them. This online game allows students to think introspectively and answer questions honestly as the answers are not publicized.

“The Tri-County Guidance Department strives to motivate every student to develop a well thought-out post-secondary goal, and progress in reaching those goals, prior to graduation. Our guidance team has a long history of success of implementing a goal-oriented career plan starting at day-1. This ‘Career-Focused Game’ developed by Mr. Dagan in collaboration with Ms. Kennedy and Mr. Casey gave the grade 9 students a fantastic start. It truly is the icing on the cake!” Scott O’Brien, Head of Guidance.

This career exploratory game concluded on January 4th, 2021 to allow students to decide their top three programs offered at Tri-County.


Freshman Interactive Career Exploration Gaming Experience
Freshman Interactive Career Exploration Gaming Experience

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