Wednesday, January 27, 2021

"Baker delivers ‘very different’ State of the Commonwealth" (video)

"A RESTAURANT OWNER feeding needy families, prompting his competitor to do the same. Aid groups feeding the growing number of economically insecure families. Grocery store workers, who checked people out even at the height of the pandemic.

Those were some of the many Bay Staters Gov. Charlie Baker thanked during his annual State of the Commonwealth address. The pandemic loomed large as his theme, even before the first words were uttered.

Instead of his usual address in a crowded House chamber flanked by Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito, the House speaker, Senate president, and other constitutional officers, Baker was alone in his office, bookended by the Massachusetts and American flags. The moment, he said, was not unlike the solitude people have come to experience in their own homes — far from their family and colleagues while striving to remain safe.

Baker’s speech had no big news or policy proposals as in past years. It offered no indication of whether the governor will seek reelection next year and, aside from a lament at the divisiveness of social media, there was no mention of former president Donald Trump or the insurrection in Washington. "
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Direct link to the YouTube video of the State of the Commonwealth by Gov Baker  (~ 25 minutes)

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