Thursday, January 28, 2021

New Book Announcement | Boston Made

Announcing Our New Book

Boston Made: From Revolution to Robotics, Innovations That Changed the World

New Book Announcement | Boston Made

I want to share my excitement at finally publishing our book revealing Boston as one of the most prolific innovation centers in the world for more than four centuries. Built on 20 years of research by my co-author, Dr. Bob Krim, along with my insights from writing about the Massachusetts tech scene for many years, you will find this to be a fun and enlightening book that will change how you think about our region! 


Boston Made: From Revolution to Robotics, Innovations that Changed the World


Publication:  February 23, 2021, from Imagine Publishing, an affiliate of Penguin Random House.

Learn more about the book and reserve your copy:


As a friend, family member, or business associate, I hope you will consider purchasing the book or sharing this email with anyone you think might be interested!


Best Regards,

Alan Earls


Below is just one of the Boston innovation stories we cover in the book.

A Boston Made Innovation:
Basketball turns 130 years old

Hoops – the globally popular game of basketball was invented and first played in Massachusetts in 1891. Athletic coach James Naismith was given two weeks by his boss to invent an indoor game where football playing teens wouldn't hit each other – "not rough"- when kept indoors by wintery weather. Naismith did it and basketball was born.

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