Monday, January 25, 2021

Watch "A Roundtable Discussion of Racism in Franklin, MA" on YouTube

"On November 22, 2020 Franklin residents gathered to share their experiences as "people of color". 
Since the conversation has taken place, Superintendent Ahern has met with participants to create change. Franklin High School plans on implementing a Race in American society course for the next school year. Students will be able to participate in professional development meetings with staff to further discuss how schools can support students. Also, a District Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee has been established. 
Every word in this roundtable discussion has been the catapult to many changes over the span of 2 months. Our voices matter. We deserve to be represented and when we use our voice, we create change. 
Thank you to Town Council member, Cobi Frongillo for moderating this conversation. Thank you to James Fredrick, Farley Asmath, Mickey Mitchell, and everyone who participated in this video."



  1. Thank you Cobi for hosting this important discussion. This should just be the beginning of the conversation in our town. What can we do to carry it on?

    1. I agree, Paula. A few things are currently happening to continue the conversation:

      -There is a Franklin Freedom Team (a coalition of community leaders) being established to receive and respond to instances of hate and bias in town.
      -Franklin Public Schools have put together a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee to examine issues and opportunities in our schools.
      -The "Franklin Area Against Racism" Facebook group has become a great local space to share and discuss educational materials, policies, and current events.

      But I'm also looking into how community roundtables like these, that invite neighbors of all backgrounds to share their experiences, can become a more regular occurrence. Happy to connect about it!

  2. Thank Cobi! This is so crucial. I would
    Like to be involved in a future meeting/conversation.