Sunday, January 9, 2022

Franklin.TV: Merry Mid-January?

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 01/09/2022

Now that the holidays and their distracting festivities are in the rear-view it’s time
to face the music. (dramatic soap-opera style organ stinger) Winter is really here.
Pop a Swiss Miss Cocoa pod in the Keurig and break out the mini-marshmallows.

Cozycurl up with your fave creature comforts until Punxsutawney Phil (our fave
creature)says it’s over. All eyes (and hopes) rest on Gobbler’s Knob come Feb 2.
Valentine’s Day?

A blip on the romance radar.

President’s Day and the faux excitement of Fantastic Car Deals?
Mercantile noise.

Merry Mid-January?
Merry Mid-January?
I gaze out the window with a wistful longing for
Spring while light snow wafts its hypnotic dance.
It looks postcard perfect – for minutes at a time.
A seductive illusion in the first glimmer of dawn.

Last month’s merry has lost its luster for many.
This is when merry matters more. Resolved For
2022: Keep some merry throughout the Winter
and across the year by rendering small bits of
kindness here and there where possible.

Go on. Engage. Perpetrate frequent, deliberate,
wanton, random acts of kindness.

In so doing, we can make 2022 a wonderful year,
perhaps even in spite of itself.

May 2022 smile warmly, kindly upon us all.
And – as always –
Thank you for listening to wfpr●fm.
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