Monday, January 10, 2022

Recap: Town Council recognizes Library Assoc; starts setting goals (audio)

Quick Recap:

  • The Franklin Library Association was recognized for their most recent donation to the Library and for their history of doing so
  • The Town Council started their goals discussion. Some items were added to the drafted listing. Some clarification on the existing items and those added will be made and brought back for a vote
  • The goals broadly will direct the focus of attention for the Council and the Town Administration for the next two years. Next January, there will be an opportunity to adjust as needed. The goal doc also becomes the guide against which the performance of the Town Administrator is marked to
  • The meeting closed with the Council entering into Executive Session with Chair Mercer recusing himself for participation due to a potential conflict of interest with the Schmidt farm and a family members' residence. Chair Mercer explains this in our "quarterbacking" session


As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter while I attended the meeting via the Zoom conf bridge. 


The Twitter hashtag #tc0105 can be found online The thread begins with

Photos captured during the meeting can be found in one album ->

Audio file ->

Citizen Comments
  • C Cass observing Jan 6 at Town Common at 5 PM DPW Director waste management delayed due to COVID-19 absences. 30% out due to close contacts, be safe due to storm, staff limited   #tc0105
  • Motion to approve mins  both sets passed with unanimous votes, #tc0105 
  • Recognition of Franklin Library Assoc. FLA in existence for 150 years, from the Rays, and down the years. #tc0105 
Town Council goals
  • Town council goals session, TA Hellen takes lead also reference not the capacity issue raised during CPC meeting Tuesday
  • goals doc can be found #tc0105
  • Clerk reads the goals as drafted #tc0105
  • Maybe an update on NuStyle in May/Jun time frame. Clarification on other items may be included, maybe others are not? SNETT extension? Composting? Add some language to complete streets line, mitigate our ToF carbon footprint? Inline with state goals #tc0105
  • TA Hellen to investigate further and may in future add a goal #tc0105 consideration of additional charging stations, will need more than what we have now and the group just put in at Franklin Village. Quincy just got $100m consent order for storm water mitigation
  • There is work moving toward electric vehicles, the pilot worked well, and town employees are willing to move forward. Beaver st interceptor should be #1 #tc0105 add the historical museum study  discussion on plan vs develop Washington and Beaver St sidewalks feasible …
  • Could look to develop a list vs delivering, what is achievable? Esp when it is tied to funding. Consideration of improvement to Town Common? Good discussion for the capital budget. Consider Maple Hill trail plan? #tc0105
Subcommittee reports
  • Subcommittee report, EDC met earlier this evening, to start work with the zoning project next meeting Feb 2, forum Mar 7 #tc0105
Council Comments
  • Nothing more from TA Hellen; Charter? Presentation being out together,. Birchwood open, Escape into Fiction moving to new location, #tc0105 thanks for helping with the Owen family.  Best wishes to former councilor Bissanti get well soon.
  • Pellegri announces that the Food pantry will be moving to the former Edwin's; if any contribution available, Food pantry has been busy and appreciates donations. #tc0105 multiple comments on turn out for Owens family.
Executive session
  • Motion to enter executive session, chair recuses himself, Dellorco assumes chair role, motion passes 8-0-1 1 abstain  not to resume to open session via roll 
  • That's all for tonight, catch you next time! #tc0105

Town Council recognizes Library Assoc
Town Council recognizes Library Assoc

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