Tuesday, January 11, 2022

COVID Self Test Kits available for Franklin, MA residents

To answer the need of this pandemic period, Franklin resident KP Sompally is making volunteering his services to provide COVID SELF TEST KITS. He obtains the kits with the help of Telugu Association of North America (www.tana.org). 

KP will distribute the COVID SELF TEST KITS for the cost of $11 per test kit. 

Who is TANA and how are they involved?
  • TANA is one of the oldest charitable organizations. They do selfless service for humanity. Providing these test kits is one service. The supply is obtained via TANA community network.
Is there any limit per request?
  • yes either 1 or 2 test kits per request
Is there any delivery schedule?
  • Since this is not a business just KP volunteer time, delivery would be after 5 PM and while supplies last. The delivery is restricted to Franklin, MA residential addresses.
How would I pay?
  • cash OR Venmo
If any Franklin Resident need a COVID SELF TEST KIT call or text KP Sompally @ 724 726 1166 with your address.

COVID test kit image:
COVID test kit
COVID test kit

KP’s Venmo account info 

KP’s Venmo account info
KP’s Venmo account info

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