Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Recap: Franklin Housing Authority meeting - 01/10/22 (audio)

Started the new year with attendance and recording of the Franklin Housing Authority meeting at Central Park Terrace. Meetings are generally scheduled for the 2nd Monday of the month. 

Audio of the meeting came out well so you can listen in and follow along with my notes below. (Note: doc links provided are to my Google Drive copies of what is posted to the State page.) 

Link to current annual report ->
  • Reporting on the Franklin Housing Authority meeting today #fha0110 public hearing on annual plan first up on agenda (recording in process, so assuming tech gremlins kept aside can be shared later)
  • Link to annual report to be added later, capital plan part of the report. Emergency work orders reqd to be processed within 24 hours, list of EWOs part of the report, preventive maintenance plan part of report. #fha0110
  • Operation budget for year included in report. #fha0110 deficit of approx $82k for past year, looking forward to a slight plus for next year. Unable to collect income due to some units offline due to fire and recovery steps
  • No findings in PMR which is part of the annual report #fha0110 DHCD does resident survey totally apart from the FHA survey results part of the report, good review overall.
  • How does the tenant survey compare to prior year? DHCD survey results cover the period from 2016-2019. Q on meeting notification? Is it posted locally? How to let other residents know about the meeting? Meeting notices posted at the office #fha0110
  • Capital plan meeting was well attended #fha0110 hard to send word to everyone re: contact protocols. Can post to the common areas. Typically the 2nd Monday of the month; aside from Jul/Aug
  • Chair request for maintenance update once a quarter, minutes approved unanimously (3-0) Capital charges, motion to accept, passes unanimously (3-0) Commissioner training coming, if anyone wants let Lisa know #fha0110 training switched to remote, 9-noon Saturday
  • Current waiting list over 8,000. #fha0110 congregate program removed from the 'champ' (sic) system EOEA will be working to pre approve applicants for this type of living, 3 deaths in Dec, hence openings. 11 units (4 fire) open and in process of turnover physical • • •
  • No waiver for delay processing during COVID commented on the annual report to account motion to accept director report, approved 3-0 #fha0110 statements, look in line with other periods, motion to accept statements. Norfolk is 100% occupied.
  • Norfolk brought from a $100k deficit to a $100k positive, primarily due to calculation of rent properly as well as timely collection of such, worked through timing issues of SSS benefits and rent payments #fha0110
  • Building fire update, roof truss came in, insulation being added and inspected, wall board coming, coming along, possible in Feb; about 9 months to recovery #fha0110 
  • not in position of DHCD approved contract, likely 30-50 agencies will not sign the contract from DHCD Dispute on contract in court, approval of audit report passes 3-0. #fha0110
  • No old business, new business, FISH contract looking for extension due to supply delays, moved seconded passes 3-0; 2nd FISH contract, completion of fire alarm cert of completion, passes 3-0 
  • Motion to adjourn, passes 3-0 #fha0110

PDF of Twitter thread ->   https://drive.google.com/file/d/19y55ky9CUtRrEZT7daSsgDMOt9XX1Fch/view?usp=sharing

Audio file -> https://franklin-ma-matters.captivate.fm/episode/fm-695-franklin-housing-authority-meeting-01-10-22 

Franklin Housing Authority - Meeting - Agenda - Jan 10, 2022
Franklin Housing Authority - Meeting - Jan 10, 2022

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