Friday, April 15, 2022

Franklin awarded $150K in green community grant for "energy conservation measures, EV vehicles, LED lighting, etc."

During an event yesterday in Lawrence, the administration awarded $8.3 million in Green Communities competitive grants to 64 municipalities.

The competitive grants support energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that further the designated communities’ clean energy goals. The grants are awarded to Green Communities that have successfully invested their initial designation grants and previous competitive grant awards.

According to the Department of Energy Resources, the grants will help to fund a range of projects, from ventilation system upgrades to the installation of insulation and energy management systems at municipal buildings and facilities. Projects also include installations of air-source heat pumps, hybrid police cruisers, and electric vehicle charging stations. (Click here for details of the project awards.)

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Franklin's award for $150,902 was summarized as:
"to fund energy conservation measures, EV vehicles, LED lighting, and transformers, in municipal facilities including vehicle fleet, Horace Mann, Remington, and Keller Sullivan Schools"

The complete listing of awards can be found ->

 For more about Green Communities

For more about Green Communities

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