Wednesday, April 20, 2022

“Oreology” — or the “study of the flow and fracture of sandwich cookies”

"But because researchers concluded that additional “questions remain to be explored if we are to fully understand cookie flow phenomena,” the device was conceived with the idea of “enabling widespread use.” The authors also published instructions for those curious about how to build their own.

“I hope people can use this information to improve their cookie eating when they twist open an Oreo, or when they dunk it in milk,” Owens told CNN. “I hope people can also take inspiration to investigate other puzzles in the kitchen in scientific ways.

“The best scientific research, even at MIT, is driven by curiosity to understand the world around us,” Owens said. “When someone sees something weird or unknown and takes the time to think, ‘I wonder why that happens like that?’”

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MIT instructions on how to build your own tester

A variety of Oreo cookies.TONY CENICOLA/NYT
A variety of Oreo cookies.TONY CENICOLA/NYT

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