Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Insights on the House Ways & Means budget vs. Gov Baker's H2 budget starting point

For those closely following the State budget process (it does have significance to the local budget process) Tracy Novick's analysis of the House Ways & Means budget released last week vs. the Governor's budget H2 released in January is a must read.

"The House Ways and Means budget was released Wednesday, April 13. The account by account detail can be found in sections 2 & 3, at the end of which you can find town by town and district by district allocations for local aid, including Chapter 70. The Department of Revenue Division of Local Services have likewise updated their preliminary cherry sheets; the municipal cherry sheets are here; the regional cherry sheets are here. 

I have now updated my FY23 account by account spreadsheet, as well. 

Let me start by highlighting a couple of things that are different than the budget proposed by Governor Baker in January, and then I'll run through the accounts."

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Links in Tracy's article

Budgets are moral documents, what we fund is what we value
Budgets are moral documents, what we fund is what we value

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