Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Competition for state legislative positions improves this time around

State election is shaping up to be competitive, more so this year than prior. According to the Commonwealth Magazine:
All 160 House districts and 40 Senate districts are up for grabs every two years. Among the pool of lawmakers seeking reelection, 92 representatives and 16 senators are the only candidates to qualify for the ballot in their respective districts, according to an  analysis of preliminary data from Secretary of State William Galvin.

Those legislators could still face write-in challenges, but given the sizable advantage incumbency offers, it appears nearly certain that 54 percent of the Legislature will cruise to another two years in office with minimal friction.


Compared to two years ago, the current cycle is a bit more competitive for legislative elections. A total of 125 incumbent lawmakers were the only major-party candidates on the ballot in 2020, representing nearly two-thirds of the Legislature.
The article continues to highlight some of the key races, among them is one where Franklin is involved.
Republican Rep. Shawn Dooley of Norfolk is challenging Needham Democrat Sen. Becca Rausch for her seat in the upper chamber, which she flipped in 2018 — under the previous district lines — from Republican Sen. Richard Ross with 51 percent of the vote. 
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