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Economic Development Subcommittee - agenda - June 8 at 5:30 PM

 Economic Development Subcommittee Meeting
Agenda & Meeting Packet
June 8, 2022 = 5:30 PM


1. Update: MAPC “Franklin For All” zoning reform project for Franklin Center, including the Downtown Commercial District and surrounding neighborhoods
a. Draft set of Recommendations - Slideshow from 5/16/22 Presentation
b. Updated Memo & Timeline (see below)

Re: Franklin For All Project Future Dates

The Franklin For All project is in it’s home stretch heading towards completion of the diagnostic analysis. Future dates are a sketch for upcoming meetings to note, but are subject to change:

1. June 10th at the Strawberry Stroll there will be a promotional event to help discuss the Franklin For All Project recommendations with residents and festival goers.

a. The Planning and Community Development department will be located at the intersection of Dean Ave and Main Street, directly across from the stage.
b. Attendees will be able to connect with Franklin for All project staff regarding the proposed recommendations.
c. Enjoy a town sponsored magic mirror photo booth experience to document the fun and resident aspirations of downtown revitalization.

2. June 30th Final report due (but should be in earlier and will be released upon final receipt)

3. July/August meeting of the EDC + Steering Committee to discuss prioritization of the formal recommendations by MAPC.

a. Each member of the Steering Committee will be given 3 votes to prioritize recommendations by MAPC to the staff. This is an effort to allow the committee to discuss the recommendations and give the staff some initial priorities to help focus our work and alleviate the potential to be scattered.
b. The Committee dates over the summer have not been set. We are hopeful that at the June 8th meeting we can set those dates in July or August on an evening without additional meetings after it.
c. The staff will also have some additional recommendations to consider that are not a part of the MAPC recommendations that focus on areas outside of the study zone, these are issues that have arisen locally that need to be addressed or have been discussed during this process.

4. September we will begin to publicly discuss the recommendations chosen by the Steering Committee and staff.

Agenda doc with remote participation info ->

Economic Development Subcommittee - agenda - June 8 at 5:30 PM
Economic Development Subcommittee - agenda - June 8 at 5:30 PM

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