Sunday, August 21, 2022

Franklin TV: from "Making Progress!" to "Still Making Progress!"

Making Progress
Pete Fasciano, a/k/a “The New Guy” 8/24/2012

Somewhere back in the early days of TV I remember General Electric’s tag line: “Progress is Our Most Important Product.”

As a youngster, I pondered how a company goes about manufacturing progress. Solid or liquid? Do they sell progress by the bag or barrel? Is progress portable?

I hope so.

I’d like to pack some with me wherever I go (because you just never know).

In my time, I’ve tackled many projects. My latest is Franklin TV. I’m The New Guy. If memory serves, you have to be The New Guy for at least a year…

= = = = = = = = = =

Still Making Progress !
Pete Fasciano, a/k/a “The Old Guy”  8/21/2022

Here we are – a decade later. Math says I wrote that first missive at least 520-ish pages ago. Never missed a week. Have we made progress? Yup! Yoobetcha! Lots! Every year was filled with steady progress – even through COVID. I have come to believe that progress is in the very DNA of Franklin.

Back then, I wrote about how welcoming the whole town was. Friday at 7-ish, on my way to the studio I kibbitzed with Councilors Tom Mercer, Glenn Jones, Bob Dellorco and the regular gang holding court at Honeydew. They were doing that Franklin thing. They were making progress. It was a Norman Rockwell moment. Any citizen can stop by and weigh in over a hot cuppa. It’s casual.

Any town that can make progress through casual gatherings at the coffee shop –
that, my friends, is a fine, fine town.

And – as always –
Thank you for listening to wfpr●fm. 
And, thank you for watching. 

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