Monday, August 22, 2022

Inside the Town of Franklin Budget Cycle & Financial Terms (audio)

This shares my conversation with Town of Franklin Finance Director/Comptroller Chris Sandini and Treasurer/Collector Kerri Bertone. We had this conversation in the Franklin studio on Thursday, April 14, 2022.  

We cover the following key topics

A typical day for Finance Director/Comptroller

A typical day for Treasurer//Collector

The budget cycle, and fiscal year (July to June)

Three financial years; past, current, and future all in the mix

Our conversation runs about 62 minutes. Links to the documents referenced during this meeting are included in the show notes.  Let’s listen to this recording of my conversation with Kerri and Chris. 

Audio file ->

Note: the one change since we recorded this, the Town did achieve the AAA bond rating we talked of some day getting in this session. The Town was notified one month later.


Town of Franklin budget page -> 

Budget process flow chart -> 

MA Division of Local Services (DLS) Municipal Finance Glossary -> 


Town of Franklin budget cycle
Town of Franklin budget cycle

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