Thursday, September 22, 2022

National Grid electric rates to increase this winter but not for Franklin's Municipal Aggregation customers

"NATIONAL GRID said the price of electricity it supplies to customers in Massachusetts this winter is going to skyrocket to record levels because the cost of natural gas, the primary fuel used to generate power in New England, is soaring.

The utility said on Wednesday that the cost of electricity provided under its basic service plan will more than double on November 1, rising from 14.8 cents a kilowatt hour last winter to 33.9 cents this winter, the highest level ever."
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For the Franklin National Grid customers who are part of Municipal Aggregation, there is no increase. Our contract price is not affect by this rate change.

For more about Franklin's Municipal Aggregation program, visit the town page

Franklin's Municipal Aggregation program
Franklin's Municipal Aggregation program

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