Sunday, September 18, 2022

The Economist reads | The hunt for votes

Earlier this month (Sep 4, 2022), The Economist published an article on the 5 best books about Presidential elections. The choices were recommended by their former Washington correspondent. Oddly, the identity of the correspondent is not revealed. The author of the article is not identified. Aside from that matter, the listing of the books chosen is well explained.

The books are:

  1. A Magnificent Catastrophe: The Tumultuous Election of 1800, America’s First Presidential Campaign. By Edward Larson
  2. The Making of the President: 1960, by T.H. White
  3. Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail. By Hunter S. Thompson
  4. What It Takes. By Richard Ben Cramer
  5. Losers: The Road to Everyplace but the White House. By Michael Lewis

With the presidential election coming in 2024, this might be good preparation.

What book (or books) have you read on presidential elections, or elections in general, that you would recommend? Send me an email, or add your book via comment.

The Economist article can be found -> (subscription required, but it is free via email to the online version. You'll get notifications and offers to subscribe to the print version.)

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