Sunday, September 4, 2022

The Pumpkins Are Coming in October!

Pumpkin season is here. St. John’s Church is ready with its 3rd Annual Pumpkin and Gourd Sale for the entire month of October, from Sunday, October 2nd through the 30th.

Hours for business:
  • Monday-Friday 4:00-6:00
  • Saturday 10:00-4:00
  • Sunday noon-4:00
The pumpkin patch will be on the front lawn at St. John’s Episcopal Church, 237 Pleasant Street, Franklin MA. Great photo opportunity for your friends, kids and family!

You can feel good about purchasing St. John’s pumpkins. The pumpkins are grown using sustainable agricultural practices that help benefit the environment. They are grown in a region of New Mexico with 42% unemployment, providing jobs for Navajo people.  

In addition to supporting the Navajo Nation in New Mexico, your purchase also supports St. John’s Church and its work right here in our community.

For more information:
Call 508-528-2387
Visit us on Facebook at St John’s Episcopal Church
See our website at

The Pumpkins Are Coming in October!
The Pumpkins Are Coming in October!

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