Friday, January 20, 2023

CommonWealth Magazine: "Region’s aging nuclear power plants drawing interest"

"Rep. Jeffrey Roy of Franklin, a Democrat who chairs the Legislature’s Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy Committee, is a big supporter of offshore wind and solar. But he, too, sees a need for nuclear power plants. 

Roy, who toured the Seabrook and Millstone plants last year, said he intends to file legislation shortly that would allow the Healey administration to pursue the purchase of electricity generated by Millstone. 

He acknowledges the concerns about nuclear waste, but says the plant already exists so it makes sense to take advantage of its emission-free power to help address climate change. “It would be a shame if we didn’t at least take a look at it,” he said."

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And via  it is insightful to "follow the money"
"New Englanders are wearing tank tops and shorts in January and @massfiscal  is hosting a climate change denial summit. See any connection?" 

Read money about who is funding these folks   - > 

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Millstone Nuclear Station
Millstone Nuclear Station

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