Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Town of Franklin begins planning to update the Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP)

Explore Open Space and Recreation, meet our new OSRP friends!

The Town of Franklin has begun the process of updating the Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP) for the 2024 - 2031 update. An OSRP allows the town to strategize how to optimize, expand and improve open space and recreational facilities/ offerings by creating annual goals throughout a duration of 7 years.

To ensure the goals in the OSRP are reflective of resident priorities, we will facilitate a Comment and Feedback period through June 2023.

Residents are encouraged to explore our open space and recreation areas and be on the lookout for our friends Connor the Conservation Beaver and Ryan the Recreation Racoon! They'll be featured at select open space and recreational locations and they will be asking for your feedback to help us create the vision for Franklin's recreation and ecocentric spaces! This is one of the many ways the Town is supplementing the OSRP comment and feedback period which will run through 2023. Primary engagement is outlined below…

Public Engagement Opportunities


OSRP Resident Survey:

Residents participation in the survey will allow town staff to craft a vision for the OSRP that is reflective of resident priorities. The survey will be available digitally and physically at the 1st and 2nd public hearings.

February 2023 - April 2023

Public Hearing 1:

Attendees will learn more about the Open Space and Recreation Plan, review the progress from the previous 2016 OSRP as well as review and provide feedback on the OSRP priorities drafted by town staff for the 2024 - 2031 OSRP.

February 2023

Public Hearing 2:

Town staff will present the 2024 - 2031 OSRP goals and objectives based off of resident input from the first public hearing and other outreach mechanisms.

April 2023

Public Hearing 3:

Town Staff will present a draft of the 2024 - 2031 OSRP that has been informed by additional resident input following the conclusion of the public hearing and other outreach mechanisms. 

June 2023

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To submit a comment or idea for the OSRP please fill out this Google Form. You may also send an email to

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Town of Franklin begins planning to update the Open Space and Recreation Plan
Town of Franklin begins planning to update the Open Space and Recreation Plan

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