Sunday, January 22, 2023

Franklin.TV: The Road to Normal

It’s a long but steady journey.
by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 01/22/2023

Resolved in 2023 –
Keep moving ahead toward our new (and improved) normal. For us it means continuing and expanding our live coverage of sports and civic events. This was a critical development in order to continue through the pandemic. Today we are all the better for it.

Resolved in 2023 –
Keep moving ahead with all the excellent radio programming that our talented volunteers produce and broadcast on, Franklin Public Radio. They made our community radio station all the better throughout the pandemic.

Resolved in 2023 –
Resume and expand the production of our studio interview programs. Returning to our schedule: Frank Falvey, Senior Connections with Nan Rafter, Safe Coalition with Jim Derick and Dr. Anne Bergen and more. We also have some new studio series in the works and slated for production in the coming months.

Resolved in 2023 –
Return to our kitchen and develop another tasty cooking series or two. (Our hungry staff is always up for this gig.) Our past cooking programs: Cooking Thyme with Tri-County, Bill Hurley’s Pizzapalooza (with extra cheese), Sandya’s Kitchen, Brooke-n-Cookin’. We’ve also produced tasty specials about holiday cookies and treats with Franklin’s Sons of Italy. We’re always looking for more. If you’re a foodie; love to cook and talk about cooking – call us or email us – info at

Do you have a passion or some expertise that you would like to share with others on local TV or radio? Franklin.TV and can make it happen. We can help you make it interesting and engaging. We also make it easy.

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