Thursday, January 26, 2023

"Major investments to shift away from US car dependency would have benefits"

Daniel Aldana Cohen (@aldatweets) tweeted:
"We got so sick of hearing about all the lithium we need to carpet the roads w electric cars. So we did the 1st study to quantify alternatives. Leading w mass transit, ebikes, and urban density cuts lithium demand by up to 90%, while slashing carbon & giving us mobility & freedom."

The Guardian article highlights the study 

"The US’s transition to electric vehicles could require three times as much lithium as is currently produced for the entire global market, causing needless water shortages, Indigenous land grabs, and ecosystem destruction inside and outside its borders, new research finds.

It warns that unless the US’s dependence on cars in towns and cities falls drastically, the transition to lithium battery-powered electric vehicles by 2050 will deepen global environmental and social inequalities linked to mining – and may even jeopardize the 1.5C global heating target.

But ambitious policies investing in mass transit, walkable towns and cities, and robust battery recycling in the US would slash the amount of extra lithium required in 2050 by more than 90%.

In fact, this first-of-its-kind modeling shows it is possible to have more transport options for Americans that are safer, healthier and less segregated, and less harmful mining while making rapid progress to zero emissions."
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the lithium we need to carpet the roads w electric cars
 the lithium we need to carpet the roads w electric cars

1st study to quantify alternatives
1st study to quantify alternatives

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