Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Introducing MCAN's 2023 Legislative Priorities! Register to join the webinar Feb 8 at 5 PM

Introducing MCAN's 2023 Legislative Priorities

Introducing MCAN's 2023 Legislative Priorities!

With the new legislative session well underway, we are excited to announce the Massachusetts Climate Action Network's 2023-2024 legislative priorities! 

These priorities reflect legislative efforts that must be implemented for our state to advance a just fossil-fuel-free future for all. They include 15 bills that center around four critical areas of action: equitable building decarbonization; the reduction of embodied carbon in our buildings; equitable climate action in municipal utilities; and the advancement of energy and environmental justice.

See MCAN's full list of legislative priorities here.

Register to join the webinar Feb 8 at 5 PM

Of our 15 legislative priorities, MCAN has identified four top priorities that are critical to building a healthy, resilient, equitable, green future for all.

MCAN's Top Four Priorities

  1. HD.776/SD.500 - An Act Establishing a Zero Carbon Renovation Fund. Learn more here.
  2. HD.131/SD.151 - An Act Advancing Clean Energy, Equity, and Innovation within Municipal Utilities. Learn more here.
  3. HD.1033/SD.840 - An Act Incorporating Embodied Carbon into State Climate Policy. Learn more here.
  4. HD.4024/S.505 - An Act Relative to Energy Facilities Siting Improvement to Address Environmental Justice, Climate, and Public Health. Learn more here.

Take action to support our legislative priorities by joining us tomorrow at 5:00 PM for MCAN's Valentine's Action for Critical Legislation. Find the details and RSVP using this link.

While our Commonwealth has made critical progress to advance climate action, we know that we have a long way to go to meet our climate targets and equitably transition to clean energy. 

Join us this legislative session in advancing our legislative priorities and working towards building a healthy, resilient, equitable, green future for all. 

With Gratitude,

Logan Malik
Interim Executive Director
Massachusetts Climate Action Network

Logan Malik

PS: Please consider donating to support MCAN's efforts to equitably decarbonize buildings across the Commonwealth and the communities served by municipal utilities.  You can donate here.  You can also send a check to MCAN: 1665 Commonwealth Ave, #9 Boston, MA 02135. All donations are tax-deductible.  

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