Sunday, February 5, 2023

“Train Town Franklin" is open for the last day today, Sunday, Feb 5

Today, (Sunday, February 5, 2023) is the last day for the Franklin Historical Museum exhibit of the first in a series of annual dioramas entitled, “Train Town Franklin" -- a Historical Exact replica of the area around the train depot, circa 1932, a time when the rhythm of the daily trains set the pace for a small New England Town -- and news from `down at the depot' was the news everyone wanted to hear!

The first diorama in this series will focus on the downtown Franklin area centered on the historic Franklin train station, the Franklin Furniture Warehouse, the W.K. Gilmore Coal Company, and the Railroad Express Agency as well as the bridge over Main/East Central Street. Over time, additional nearby areas will be modeled to make a complete recreation of the heart of old Franklin.

The creativity behind this project comes from Franklin native, and former Town Council Chair, Scott Mason who, throughout his life, has honed his historical knowledge and model building skills. 

Young and old will be captivated by this miniature look at "the way we used to be."

The structures in this exhibit are built to exact scale from photographs and films taken from that period. Information about these buildings will also be on display.

Historical items related to the railroad in Franklin at that time, including the actual “Franklin” sign that hung from the station and other artifacts will be on display.

The exhibit is set to close on 2/5/2023. 

"Train Town Franklin" scheduled to arrive at the Historical Museum - Dec 18
"Train Town Franklin" at the Historical Museum

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