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Franklin High School Theatre Company performs "LORD OF THE FLIES" - Mar 3 & Mar 17

Franklin High School Theatre Company performs LORD OF THE FLIES

William Golding's LORD OF THE FLIES adapted for the stage by Nigel Williams

Evacuated from a war-torn world and marooned on a tropical island when their plane crashes, a group of pre-adolescent boys find themselves battling for survival with no adults to help them. 

At first, the fair-minded and mild-mannered Ralph seems a natural leader, but as vestiges of civilization fall away, the more aggressive Jack takes control. Jack organizes the boys into a tribe of hunters, searching for pigs to kill and eat and, more alarmingly, watching for the Beast - a malevolent force that the boys believe is stalking the island.

Gradually the frightened youngsters slip from civilized behavior into red-blooded savagery. They battle with inner demons and external fears, with the weakest and most vulnerable at the highest risk. Ultimately, driven by a primitive blood-lust, childish “games” lead to tragic consequences and Golding’s timeless fable exposes the Beast that is in us all and debunks the myth of childhood innocence.

Required reading for most secondary school pupils and one of the greatest novels of the twentieth century, this adaptation of Lord of the Flies by Nigel Williams stays true to Golding’s original novel and is a compelling piece of theatre.

Performed by a stellar cast from the FHSTC with a required 40-minute cut for the METG Drama Festival, you do not want to miss this powerful production.


Franklin High School Theatre Company performs "LORD OF THE FLIES"
Franklin High School Theatre Company performs "LORD OF THE FLIES"

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