Sunday, March 19, 2023

Franklin TV: Sproing! - It started last week. It’s official this week

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 03/19/2023

Sproing! That’s the happy imaginary sound in my head when we ‘spring forward’ to reset our clocks to Daylight Savings Time. Most would agree that Winter around these parts was milder than usual, and we’re good with it. No complaints. However, Winter is Winter.

Then, suddenly – Sproing! Last week in a single day we ‘sproinged’ to a later sunset. Dramatic! It’s a clear manifestation of what surely arrives this week. Spring! (SFX: party horns and cheers)

Yes, Spring – with its greening, its lengthening days and rising warmth, mixed with balmy breezes and occasional gusts of enthusiasm.

Spring puts the Eating Season in the rear-view. Eating Season starts with leftover Halloween candy and ends with Valentine’s Day chocolates. In between? There’s Turkey Day (technically, a full and filling weekend), all those Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve Dinner, those SuperBowl super snacks – calories dipped in calories. There’s nowhere to hide – that, uh, extra ten-ish pounds.

But, Spring is about striving. It’s our annual second chance to dust off those New Year’s resolutions. Having made the most of Eating Season (unfortunately for many of us), we can now redouble our efforts to make the most of Spring – and ourselves. Given that dieting is the top resolution, we strive to make the least of ourselves.

Advice: Don’t go crazy. Dieting done right eventually finds its way forward to become a stable lifestyle. So, start simple. Diet for one day a week. Then two. Then try Mon/Wed/Fri for pace. You need reasonable relief along the way.

Having a planned, adjustable mix of ‘light’ days and ‘reasonable’ days is a start toward setting and navigating a healthy lifestyle. It avoids fast dieting which all too often results in fast failure and disappointment.

So, let the Spring Sproing dieting begin. Why? Because last year’s bathing suit is unforgiving, yet you want to look svelte – even slinky in it. and that pernicious Eating Season weight?

It won’t just sproing itself off.

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Franklin TV: Sproing! - It started last week. It’s official this week
Franklin TV: Sproing! - It started last week. It’s official this week

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