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School Committee Budget Subcommittee listens and clarifies details on how to balance the budget - 06/05/23 (audio)

FM #1004 = This is the Franklin Matters radio show, number 1004 in the series. 

This session shares the Franklin, MA School Committee Budget Subcommittee meeting held on Monday, June 5, 2023. The meeting was conducted in the 3rd floor training room. Remote participation was enabled for this session.  A few residents logged in to the meeting. 2 others were in the training room.

Chair Dave McNeill opened the meeting. School Committee members Dave Callaghan and Denise Spencer were present. Superintendent Lucas Giguere and Business Manager Miriam Goodman also participated.

Quick recap

  • Superintendent Lucas Giguere started with a recap to set the stage for where the group was coming into the discussion tonight. He outlined the Superintendent's proposed budget, increased by the School Committee, Town allocation revealed a $2.3M shortfall ($3.4M vs. 1.1M allocation). The Town Administrator has a plan to add $700K to the schools budget which is up for approval at the Council meeting Wednesday, June 7

  • Business Manager Miriam Goodman provided additional details updating from the prior working session where they had five categories of proposed cuts to bring about a balance, it was now down to three categories. 30 personnel were slotted for reduction, now with the additional funding, it will be 22 slotted for reduction ( a savings of 8 positions). 11 other involuntary transfers were made within the district to balance the staffing

  • Discussion around the middle school late bus being one of the cuts. Apparently complicated by the lateness of the bus in its return run to the middle school, and apparently reducing its ridership (folks not waiting for it). Longer term, the complexity of bus schedule needs to be adjusted but for now, cutting the bus 

  • Discussion on the contract requirements for teachers with more seniority and equivalent (or better) certifications to ‘bump’ those without professional teacher status (PTS). Hence, while middle school has 2 music teachers this year, next year they will still have 2 music teachers, but the people will be different than this year

  • All notifications of personnel potentially affected by the reductions have been made. The final determination remains based upon the ultimate budget outcome

  • Discussion on not increasing the athletic fees as that would potentially reduce the number of athletes, and thereby reduce the athletic fee revenue. Hence the decision to reduce the number of competitions for non-varsity teams along with associated other expenses to help create the amount of reduction required 

  • Next step, based upon the Council decision on Wednesday, the proposal will be adjusted accordingly to bring to the full committee meeting on June 13 at which point the final budget needs to be approved and notifications confirmed for those individuals affected

The show notes contain a link to the agenda and to my notes.

The recording runs just under an hour, so let’s listen to the School Committee Budget Subcommittee meeting of June 5, 2023. Audio file -> https://franklin-ma-matters.captivate.fm/episode/fm-1004-school-cmte-budget-subcmte-mtg-06-05-23


Budget Subcommittee agenda for June 5


FY 2024 Budget information -> https://www.franklinps.net/fy24budget 

Town FY 2024 budget information -> https://www.franklinma.gov/town-budget/webforms/fy-24-budget-materials 

My notes in this ThreadReader PDF -> 


The show notes for School Committee member Dave Callaghan’s recent interview includes links to the Town Council and Finance Committee budget hearing if you need to catch up on any of those



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School Committee Budget Subcommittee listens and clarifies details on how to balance the budget - 06/05/23 (audio)

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