Sunday, February 25, 2024

Franklin TV: A Not So Quiet Week?

Last week was a quiet week. This one? Not so much. 

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 02/25/2024

I think I’ll describe this week as a ‘push’ week. A push to get ahead technically while preparing for big upcoming projects. Thus, a busier week.

Sunday: Same, same. Like every other Sunday morning. Gather and file all radio station program, transmitter and ‘Emergency Alert’ test logs for the previous week. Verify that the transmitter is in good order.

Monday: A holiday? Srsly? An opportunity to catch up on more paperwork. 

Tuesday: This one was a big push. We’ve been revamping our larger studio with six 85-inch background displays. When you line ‘em up, they create an impressive amount of visual real estate to fill with graphics and camera images. We have plans for upcoming larger musical projects in our large studio. Now that the displays are mounted and movable, time for some signals wiring. We also re-mounted and tuned up the five 65-inch displays in small studio.

Wednesday: Review/submit timesheets to payroll. Purchase memory cards at Micro Center. for our 4 edit systems. Record a pre-show interview segment with Meredith Perri and Bob Baldwyn for the Saturday MIAA bracket reveal programs. Radio production studio is dead. Power distro failed again. Replace UPS and rewire power distro. Reset the audio console and test all CPU systems. Reset Off-Air signal monitor and transmitter controls interface.
Meet with MIAA for last prepro discussions regarding Saturday broadcasts. Prepare bracket graphics in Excel and format for HDTV for bracket reveals.
Thursday: Begin updating edit systems with more memory. Begin preparing the small studio signal management for Saturday’s broadcasts. Work on rehearsal and prepro for a new cooking series that starts production in a week or so.

Friday: Get commissary and cleaning items at Stop&Shop. Clean up the kitchen (dishes/pots/pans) after the cooking show rehearsal. Check the restrooms. Take out trash. Meet with Jim Derick, and our newest FM volunteers to acquaint them with our radio studio and editing systems. Finalize the signal flows for Saturday’s live programs and run and troubleshoot technical rehearsals with Chris Flynn. Prep our weekly online TV schedules.

Saturday: 7:30 AM call time. Prepare to go live – statewide – with our first MIAA bracket reveal programs.  Several other PEG studios will carry our programs live.

It’s around this time each week I ask myself the same unanswerable question: “Where does the time go?”

Thanks for listening to 102.9 wfpr●fm. 
And – as always – thanks for watching.

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