Sunday, March 31, 2024

Fallen Hero Recognitions Scheduled for April 2024

Fallen Hero Recognition is conducted each date that one of the 45 were reported to have died. All recognitions are held at 9 AM on the Town Common Veterans Walkway.

The brief program (approx. 5 minutes) includes the placing of a Memorial Wreath for the day, a reading of whatever history may be available for that veteran, a salute from those present, and the playing of Taps. 

This is a way of keeping the memory of that veteran alive. The public and any family members are welcome to attend.

9 - Joseph R. Paulette - Vietnam
9 - Russell W. Shaw - Vietnam
17 - John J. Kell - WWII
30 - John E. Pasquantonio - Vietnam

The program is a collaboration of the Edward L. Grant American Legion Post 75, and the Veteran’s of Foreign Wars Post 3402, under the auspices of the Town’s Veterans Council. The program outline and schedule can be found

The schedule has also been added to the Community Calendar for the next 5 years.

For the full published series of Fallen Heroes you can visit this link

Photos of each of the bronze plaques along the Veterans Walkway can be found in this album (2024) ->

 Photos from 2018 ->

photo of the recognition group for 1 of the March 10 recognitions
 Honoring Our Franklin Veterans Who Died In Service to Our Country

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