Sunday, March 31, 2024

Franklin TV: Millis Berfield Studio Session

We brought ‘em back for more.

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 03/31/2024

Frank Falvey finds things. Interesting things – and people. Couple of months back Frank invited Ken Porter and Bo Veaner on his program – The Millis Berfield Band. Ken bills himself humbly as the ‘Ber’ part. I guess someone has to be.

I’m good with that obfuscatorily confusive honorific. Ken wears it well.

That said, we invited ‘em back for a full album session in our large studio. They brought reinforcements as well. A lovely marimba player and a floutist. Bonus!

Franklin TV: Millis Berfield Studio Session
Franklin TV: Millis Berfield Studio Session

The group sounded wonderful as we laid down track after track of excellent music. It’s all headed your way in April as part of Franklin.TV’s Music Mastery series. Watch for it in our weekly Program Guide.

And thanks to Frank for a good ‘Get’.

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And – as always – thanks for watching.

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