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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Live reporting - World Challenge

d. FHS World Challenge – Trip to Peru

1. Peter Light, Chelsea Barnard, Dana Harts - Advisor from World Challenge

introduction to program, a high value program
4 week overseas expedition
1 week climatization
1 week service
1 week trek
1 week reflection

extensive safety measures for the students when they travel

The World Challenge website can be found here

7 minute video from World Challenge highlighting features of the teacher/student prepared trip, safety measures, etc.

Video from teachers point of view:

Video from students point of view:

Safety starts with the students first.
Offered to freshman and sophomores so they would travel as rising juniors or seniors
Takes seventeen months to prepare; used for planning, fund raising, etc.
Experienced guide accompanies each teacher and student group

Safety and support centralized in Operations Centre in UK

Story of insurance coverage for medical emergencies; one student five years ago had a case of appendicitis on the approach to Mt Kilimanjaro. He was flown to medical help in Nairobi, his mother was flown to join him before flying both back to the states after three days of medical treatment there.

Trip planning is fully risk assessed before leaving.

Money management: trip is an all inclusive package. 3 day training expedition along the Appalachian Trail training in preparation for the expedition to Peru.

Teamwork and cooperation enhanced during the trek.

Living in a village and seeing what life is like in a different world.

Trip cost would be approximately $6,000 per students.
World Challenge will provide some fund raising ideas and a framework to work to and manage a budget.