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Monday, August 18, 2014

Middle School and High School Handbooks

The handbooks were reviewed by the School Committee as part of the Aug 12th meeting. The handbook copies can be found here for each school. The official copy should be posted to each school website soon.

Annie Sullivan

Horace Mann


Franklin High School

main entrance to new Franklin High School
main entrance to new Franklin High School

Elementary School Handbooks

The handbooks were part of the School Committee meeting Tuesday Aug 12.

The updated versions will soon be available on the individual school websites.


Davis Thayer




Oak St


the interior courtyard of the new FHS
the interior courtyard of the new FHS

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Franklin, MA Public Schools: Handbooks

The parent/student/family handbooks for each school in the Franklin Public Schools were approved by the School Committee during the meeting on Tuesday, Aug 24, 2010. You can cruise amongst the individual school webpage to find the handbooks or all of them can be found in one place here:

ECDC FY 11 final Family Handbook 3 (PDF)

Jefferson Parent Handbook 10-11 Final August 2010 (PDF)

Keller Parent and Student Handbook 2010-2011-FINAL (PDF)

JF Kennedy FINAL Handbook 10-11 (PDF)

Oak Street FINAL Family Handbook 2010-2011 (PDF)

Parmenter Family Handbook 2010-2011.FINAL (PDF)

Davis Thayer FINAL Family Handbook 2010-2011 (PDF)

Horace Mann MS FINAL (PDF)

Remington MS_Handbook_FINAL_10-11 (PDF)

Annie Sullivan MS Student Handbook FINAL 2010-2011 (PDF)


FHS Bullying Appendix A FINAL 2010-2011 (PDF)

Note: These handbooks were the 'official' ones approved at the meeting, if an individual handbook is changed after this time, THE official one should be found on the respective Franklin Schools page.

Franklin, MA

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Live reporting - Elementary principals

2. Guests/Presentations
a. School Handbooks - Principals

Sally Winslow - provided an overview on handbooks
All the Elementary school principals, and Karen Seyfried (ECDC)

Statement in five major native languages present in the district
Documents to be converted to HTML format which will enable an automatic selection of language
Student friendly language
consistent policies across the schools
policy on early childhood school readiness added
new policy on bullying/cyberbulling added to the handbooks
principals work on this effort to apply it to each of the levels within the district

I reported on my survey results of the handbooks on the websites this afternoon.
They were all found but some were called "family", some "student", some had the school name and one had "parent"
Could there be some consistency in the naming of them; perhaps using the school name to reflect some of the specialization that each does.

Franklin, MA

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Live reporting - hand books

2. Guests/Presentations
b. Handbooks
Building Principals

Asst Superintendent Sally Winslow - provides an overview of the updates being done, some with a legal and compliance focus, bringing some consistency across the middle schools and elementary schools.

Elementary Schools

All the principals met to talk about the changes
  • use of ConnectEd
  • lunch purchase process
  • MCAS dates
  • added section on managing life threatening food allergies
  • Absentee call in via the ConnectEd program

Oak St added some language from the middle school in regards to the dress code as they had noticed this becoming a problem the last couple of years

How to access information online instead of sending so many copies home with the students.

The handbooks will be posted to the websites and hard copies will be available in each school office for those parents who request them

Rohrbach - Some hand books highlight new sections, others don't?

Middle Schools

policy in regard to special education for parental questions was added
no other major policy changes or additions other than that mentioned by above
some more continuity coming in regards to discipline
looking to find the best way to see how they can be read, signed and copy returned to the office

Added process prior to suspension, apparently it had been deleted in one version some where along the way to the Annie Sullivan hand book

Armenio - Looking at it across the board and see that they are more consistent is wonderful.
Trahan - any language that didn't need to be there, wasn't there. That is good. The individual covers add to the school.

Sabolinski - "the consistency speaks to the collaboration we see across the schools, we may not be perfect yet but we are getting there."

Roy - some of my questions are more in general, we should have Page come into help discuss that. If we have a policy at the School Committee level that is not consistenly applied across the district, then we could be in trouble

High School

Derek Folan, Assistant Vice Principal

Absent documented - there is some document from parent or medical office referencing the absence

Confusion arises when there is a phone call telling of the absence but not having a document to support it. Equivalent to the sick days that an employer allows, after that number is reached, then the absences need to be documented.

Last year only seniors were allowed for documented college visits, this year juniors will be allowed.

Additional wording to address tardiness when a case where a number of students come in and decide to go for breakfast. We'll be able to take steps to address this situation.

Multiple changes were addressed in the last School Committee meeting by Peter Light (multiple update sections) and in the letter to the parents.

Added a line for expectations around the students behavior at detention.

Naming of detentions - minor, office, major, etc. There were too many.
Teacher - comes from a teachers
Office - comes from Asst Principal
Extended - 2.5 hours on Tue/Thu (replaces Alternative)
Saturday - still held periodically
ADP - for students that need additional guidance in their lives with additional counseling
Academic - always had it, will try to implement more of this
Social - the big 'new' suspension, want the students to be substance free in and out of school, "co-curricular activities are a privilege not a right". If you are going to participate in our athletics, you are going to be drug and alcohol free in and out of school. Moving away from the option to do outside substance abuse counseling and drug testing. Very difficult to track and not very effective overall.

first offense - 6 week suspension from social activities (42 days from offense)
second offense - 9 weeks
suspension from social activities (63 days from offense)
third offense - one full school year

Q - What constitutes possession of alcohol?
A - What comes from due process, either from school administration or from a police report.

Q - If the kid is at a party with alcohol but not charged directly possession, then this section would not apply.
A - correct

Q - If on a Facebook page, there is a picture of a student posing with it?
A - On the internet there is less legal standing, it could be a cropped photo. If we talk to the student and they admit it, then they would be handled by this policy.

These circumstances are not out of the realm of the MIAA guidelines.
The MIAA guidelines go so far as to say when you are in a room with alcohol, then you should apply their policy. Kudos to the Franklin Police department for handling this very well. Especially after the Taylor Myer event, they have been giving us real good information.

Cell phones - there is no magic solution, here is what we are going to try this year. It is often the parent that is calling or texting the child. We are making our classroom sacred. If they are not there, they can not be used. We are a little away from the cell phones becoming an instrument in the classroom,

Hallways, students will be allowed to check messages. There is an eight minute break between classes, it would be a good time to check. We don't won't calls being made. If they make a call in the hallway, they wouldn't get to class on time.

What you get comes with responsibility. They still can't be used in the cafeteria. The nature of the texting is an issue.

ATT works at FHS, nothing else seems to.

My addition to the meeting:
This is going to be an interesting piece to work on. One suggestion from another state somewhat low tech and relatively inexpensive was to use a shoe caddy hanging on the door. The students would put their phone in the slot as they entered and take it with them as they left.
Some bathrooms opened during the time passing between periods.

On the higher standard element, if a student is going to participate in an extra-curricular activity, they used to be required to have a full day attendance. Now they can come in after 9:00 AM

Prom guest from an other school had a contract where an administrator from their school signed that they were in good standing. This is being added to the handbook.

Dismissing a team captain, some due process for the protocol to be followed.

Trahan - this is the best hand book I have seen, this is great progress. Are they allowed to drink water in the classrooms?

I believe it is okay other than in the science classrooms where it may be a safety issue.

Roy - Based upon the first clause, if someone had a cell phone, you would have this language to enable a search. Consider the recent Supreme Court case and have the language modified accordingly.

I understand what you're saying.

Roy - I would rather have a policy that specifies more clearly what should and shouldn't be done.

Sabolinski - the notice was lacking and that has been addressed. The practice has not been to search the car.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Live reporting - school handbooks

first tardy an automatic, added phrasing for unexcused absences to be reviewed with Principal

Pam Gould, FHS Principal
review of changes to handbook, included in the agenda book based upon Covey's 7 Habits. This year will be the second year Covey will be incorporated. Handbook rules laid out in simple format; if you do this, this will happen.

Drug and alcohol policy, adds a 45 day social probation and random drug and alcohol testing. MIAA rules and procedures will govern athletes.

Nothing mentioned in there about lockdowns.

Yes, we want to get it in. It is too cumbersome right now.

Asst Supt. Maureen Sabolinski:
A lot of the information does need to be kept confidential.

Need to review some of the details to determine what will be kept in and what can be left out.

How was this overed in the budget?

This is an expense but it was already included in the supply amount originally accounted for.

Karen Seyfried:
No room in budget to accommodate scholarships. Reviewed options with local agencies to provide assistance. She also showcased the revised "Family Public Pre-school Handbook"

Asst Supt Maureen offered to stand in for Dr Burgin and answer some questions on the Horace Mann handbook. Page one error being corrected. Updates will made to the online version of the handbook. This saves approx. $7-800 cost.

If someone doesn't have one, or doesn't have online access?

There are some available in the office.

Good to have highlighted the new sections vs. the unchanged, saves reading all the way through.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Discussion on handbook revisions (audio)

From the School Committee meeting 3/25/08, the discussion on revisions to the various school handbooks lead by Maureen Sabolinksi and Wayne Ogden.

Time: 7 minutes, 47 seconds

MP3 File