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Thursday, April 2, 2009

"community that comes together with the fundamental objective of agreeing with itself"

.. As you may know, there is a conductor of staggering talent who has been hailed as the next Leonard Bernstein. His name is Gustavo Dudamel and he has toured the United States and Europe with the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra to ecstatic reviews. He joins the Los Angeles Philharmonic as their Music Director in the fall. Here’s what matters to us today: this young conductor has a passion for music education because he knows its true power to alter the course of young lives. He was brought up in Venezuela in the extraordinary music education system that I mentioned earlier called El Sistema.

Imagine what can be accomplished if we support the arts, engage ‘at risk’ youth and help them succeed in school and in their lives. For ‘underserved’ families, indeed for all families, participation in music and the arts can help people reclaim and achieve the American Dream.

From the TED Blog

And the performance:


Monday, March 10, 2008

In the news - synchronized skaters

Posted Mar 09, 2008 @ 11:22 PM


Mastering the perfect spiral and finding the balance to glide on one ice skate requires discipline, patience and grace.

But imagine pulling off all those tricks in concert with a group of other ice skaters.

That's precisely what the 11 Chickenellas, Franklin's Symmetric Ice Crystals synchronized skating team, have challenged themselves to do.

Synchronized skating beats singles because everyone supports one another, said Caleigh Smith, 11, who prides herself on her back-lunges.

"You have to help each other. It's harder because if somebody next to you falls down, you have to help pick them up or else you fall down. You have to support each other," said Smith.