Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Live at the Town Council meeting 4/30/08

6:00 PM and a few folks are not here yet

Started at 6:05
Proclamation for municipal clerk's week


Chandler Creedon, statement repeated from School Committee Citizen Comment
(recording to be posted when time permits)
clarification on teacher health insurance information that had been printed and circulated erroneously


Updated 6:11

override question -> $2.8M
no discussion, 7-1 passed

override date - 6/10/08, Tuesday
discussion on choice of Tuesday vs. Saturday

only once in last 24 years have there been an election on a Saturday
per Debbie Pellegri

absentee ballot process
available by request, can vote at the office once the ballots
or via mail

registration required 20 days prior to the 10th

approved unanimously

Approved donation from Friends of Franklin Library


updated 6:20

discussion on veterans benefits
town obligated to pay, reimbursed by state at 75% in following year
money being switched from town health insurance due to health coverage changes

unanimously approved


updated 6:25

moving amendment to second reading
passed unanimously


4 corners building status on next week's council agenda for discussion


Councilor Comments

Whalen encourage to spread word, need to get the vote out

Vallee claims the Town Council has not sponsored the override

Zollo put the vote to the people, respect the vote of the people
regardless of the outcome, the voter turnout should be 80-90%
before voting, be informed, ask the right questions

Doak now it is up to the residents, everybody gets one vote
it is no secret that costs are rising faster than revenues
it is no one's fault, it is not that no one did their job
it costs more to provide quality services
why is the amount so high? we have been tapping the stabilization fund
we can no longer do that

Pfeffer does not support the override, but will not work against it

Nutting will refresh to elected officials the guidelines around their conduct during the election


motion to adjourn at 6:35

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